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About WIN
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WIN, formerly the Nonviolent Activist, is the quarterly magazine of the War Resisters League, an 90-year-old nonviolent organization committed to ending war and its root causes. Through articles, interviews, and reviews, WIN covers resistance to war abroad as well as resistance to violence and militarism within the United States. WIN nurtures its readers as activists, equipping them with relevant and accessible information to support their organizing work. WIN hopes to build bridges between various struggles against violence and for justice, to support the growth of a broad-based, nonviolent, anti-racist, and revolutionary movement to end all war and oppression.


Jay Cassano
Adam Hudson
Hazem Jamoum
John M. Miller
Cal Moen
Judith Mahoney Pasternak
Rosalie Riegle
Eric Stoner


WIN March 1972 HISTORY: Before this latest incarnation, from 1966 to1983, there was another WIN magazine put out by Workshop in Nonviolence (WIN), a direct action group in New York City and an affiliate of the Committee for Nonviolent Action and War Resisters League.