Flyers & Brochures

You can purchase all of the materials below in bulk quantity from the WRL Store, and most of them are available as a free download as well.

The Military's Not Just a Job...
The Military is Not Just a Job, Its Eight Years of Your Life
! (2013 Revised Edition)

Essential counter military recruitment flyer. Available in Spanish or English. 1 to 99 copies are $0.15 each -100 to 999 copies are $0.12 each plus 20% shipping.

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or download a PDF in black and white or in color and print your own copies.



A collaboration with the Ya-Ya Network (Youth Activists-Youth Allies), a youth of color-led antimilitarist organization based in NYC, this is our latest counter-recruitment leafet. Written by Ya-Ya staffers, this leaflet breaks down the enlistment contract and life in the military and provides new stats about sexual assault in the military, racial disparities in becoming an officer, and stop-loss. Written to be accessible to everyone while providing the most important info for making a fully informed choice about joining the miiltary, this leaflet will be a staple for counter-recruiters. Available now on our online store for $0.15/copy plus 20% shipping. The black and white and color versions of the leaflet are also available for free download.

What Is Nonviolence?WHAT IS NONVIOLENCE?
This timely brochure includes basic information on nonviolence - what it is and how to use it - and deeper information on its impact, including reasons to use nonviolence, how nonviolence strengthens campaigns and actions, and War Resisters League's history of nonviolent struggle. Available on our online store for $0.15 per copy plus 20% shipping.   Also available as a free download.

Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes - the "Pie Chart" flyerWHERE YOUR INCOME TAX REALLY GOES
WRL’s famous Pie Chart flyer, which analyzes the federal Fiscal Year 2012 Budget (released in February 2011). Available in Spanish or English. Copies are available at our online store for $.10 each (1-199), $.07 each (200+), $.06 each (500+) plus 20% shipping. Also available as a downloadable PDF file in English or Spanish. For more details on the information in this important resource, go to

What Every Girl Needs to Know About the US MilitaryWhat Every Girl Should Know About the U.S. Military: Consider This – Before You Enlist Co-published by the Women of Color Resource Center and the War Resisters League. Written for young women and featuring the voices of women veterans, this full color pamphlet is perfect for distributing at schools and community centers. Copies are available for $0.15 each plus 20% shipping.  -- click here to download it in black& white.