WRL Releases Special Report Assessing the Antiwar Movement

Spring/Summer 2008
Volume 25 No. 2 & 3

What is lacking in today’s peace movement? How can we turn popular antiwar sentiment into broad-based action? What strategies and tactics should we employ, and how should we relate to the elections?

The War Resisters League recently conducted a Listening Process, asking 90 grassroots organizers from across the county to reflect on the state of antiwar organizing in the United States. The new special issue of WIN magazine features their reflections and insights.

Read the report online by clicking on the links below.

Listening Process Table of Contents:


Section 1: What is lacking in the peace and antiwar movement?

Section 2: What prevents the emergence of a stronger, more coordinated, more strategic movement?

Section 3: What are the biggest openings and opportunities for organizing today?

Section 4: How do we build a more multiracial and cross-class antiwar movement?

Section 5: What roles can veterans, soldiers and military families play in ending war?

Section 6: What is the relevance of nonviolence today?

Section 7: How do we link peace and justice issues and build alliances?

Section 8: What does base-building look like in antiwar organizing?

Conclusions: Where to From Here?