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March-April 2001:
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7 Ways to Resist War Taxes
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7 Ways to Resist War Taxes

Taxes aren’t as inevitable as the IRS would have us believe. For hundreds of years, potential taxpayers opposed to war and the military use of their money have managed to whittle away at what the tax collectors collect. As Tax Day 2001 approaches, we present for your inspiration this look at war tax resistance over the last 30 years.

Anonymous conversion of a billboard, 1990

Karen Beetle.

Cartons of books purchased with redirected
tax monies for a pubic library in Brunswick GA

Ruth Benn.

Anti-war tax rally, New York City’s Bryant Park, 1970

Folk singer Charlie King at a 1975 protest outside IRS headquarters, New York City

Karl Bissinger.

Rabbi Art Waskow of Philadelphia, Brad Lyttle of Chicago, Stewart Meacham of the American Friends Service Committee and WRL’s Norma Becker at a war tax refusal press conference at WRL office, New York City, 1970

Diana Davies.

The home of war tax resisters Randy Kehler and Betsy Corner in Colrain, MA, during the year-long vigil to stop the IRS from seizing their house.

BIll Ofenloch

Tax Day protest in Morgantown, WV, in the 1980s. The banner was a reproduction of WRL’s “pie chart” flyer

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