31st Annual Raffle for Resistance

Raffle for Resistance raffle ticket
Thank you for participating in and supporting WRL's 31st Annual Raffle for Resistance. Winners announced below!
By entering our raffle, you’re directly supporting our work to end war and militarism at home and abroad through our nonviolent direct action campaigns and programs. Prize artwork below may not represent actual prizes, but we did our best to give you an idea of what you may win! Thanks to all those who donated to the raffle this year, and if you’ve got something you think belongs in the Raffle for Resistance, send it on over to WRLs National Office!


Winner: Beverly & Tim Musser

Winner: David Giffey

Winner: John Kyper

Winner: Debbie Southorn


Winner: Amy Epstein


Winner: Brett Raphael

Winner: Lisa Morowitz

Winner: Lee Haring

Winner: Thomas Miller

Winner: Dolores Welty