This Year's Calendars

Syracuse Cultural Workers 2024 Peace Calendar

A full year of inspirational art and information!

Twelve months of creative, powerful artwork to inspire our collective work of seeking justice, pursuing peace and creating a sustainable future. Featuring stunning murals, illustrations, digital art and photography, this 53rd Peace Calendar will accompany you through the coming year of change. Josh Yoder's photo of a Sunshine Movement Climate Justice march calls us to act for a just and sustainable future.


Syracuse Cultural Workers 2023 Peace Calendar

Provocative... Inspirational... Visionary... Essential
• Over 300 people’s history dates
• Holidays for many faiths
• Lunar cycles, 13 native moons

14 x 11 • Wall


WRL Perpetual Calendar

90 Years of Revolutionary Nonviolence: WRL Perpetual Calendar

This beautiful wall calendar can be used year after year since it doesn’t match dates and days. It includes an event related to WRL and nonviolence for each day, with a line to add your own reminders of birthdays, etc. You can fill it in for this year or simply use the calendar for the events, images, and historical information.


2006 Peace Calendar: Peace-Loving Nations: Music of Peace and Resistance

Miss the old WRL Peace Calendar?  We aren't publishing new ones any more, but we are offering vintage calendars you can use now.  The days and dates on this 2006 calendar mirror the days and dates for 2023, and you can enjoy the great articles, essays and more!

A songbook and music sampler, the War Resisters League 2006 Peace Calendar, brings you lyrics and music from around the world representing an integral part of the struggle against war and its underlying causes — racism, sexism, poverty, capitalism, and class.

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