How Can You Portray 100 Years of Resistance to War?

How can you portray 100 years of nonviolent resistance to war and the causes of war? If you’re the 100-year-old War Resisters League, you create a traveling exhibit and book chock-full of photos and stories reflecting that century of activism. Arnie Alpert gives a taste of the book and exhibit and shares some of his own experiences with WRL in an essay in "Waging Nonviolence."

Virginia Baron's Introduction to the 1997 WRL Peace Calendar

War Resisters League - One Hundred Years of Nonviolent Resistance

Virginia Baron edited the 1997 WRL Peace Calendar, “Womanspirit Moving: ” a collection of profiles, quotations, and stories about women organizing for peace and justice around the world. In a lifetime of activism herself, Virginia worked for the Fellowship of Reconciliation, traveled the world on peace delegations, and was active with War Resisters League for at least the last 30 years of her life. Virginia died at age 91 in 2022. This is an excerpt from the introduction to the Womanspirit Moving Calendar.

The Early Years: The Feminist Leadership of WRL

War Resisters League - 100 Years of Nonviolent Resistence

In founding and then leading WRL for nearly 20 years, Jessie Wallace Hughan was supported by an impressive group of women, many having previously headed other women’s pacifist, suffragist, anti-conscription, and socialist organizations. Unusually independent for their time, most had graduated from prestigious universities, supported themselves with careers, and were engaged in romantic relationships with like-minded women.

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