Bob Fitch, Presente!

Bob Fitch

April 29, 2016


The activist-photographer whose iconic images of actions and activists helped shape for four decades this country's, and indeed the world's, perception of the great social movements of our era, died April 29 at 76. And because he freely shared his work with the social movements he documented—including WRL—his iconic images often became our iconic images. His photos of people and events from Dr. Martin Luther King and the Berrigans to the 2006 Guerrero Azteca Peace March from Tijuana to San Francisco (organized by 2004 WRL Peace awardee Fernando Suarez del Solar) appeared on front pages around the world—and in WRL publications like WIN and the 2001 Peace Calendar, “Earth-Shaking Women,” the cover of which was Bob's justly famous 1973 image of then 75-year-old Catholic Worker founder Dorothy Day calmly defying troopers at a United Farmworkers picket line. Our world is a little darker now without his light to shine on it.

A memorial service is planned for Friday, 5/27 at 2:00 at Peace United, 900 High Street, Santa Cruz, with a potluck meal to follow.

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