Conscientious Objectors

Organize This! 2012 Peace Calendar

A 1955-2011 Retrospective

Edited by Liz Roberts
Foreword by Noam Chomsky
Afterword by Wendy Schwartz

In 1955 War Resisters League began publishing the only political calendar in the US. After a 57-year streak, WRL presents its final Peace Calendar. Take a stroll through more than half a century of revolutionary nonviolence with this striking farewell retrospective calendar.

“We named this calendar Organize This! as a tribute to people’s movements everywhere, and as an invitation for us all to continue acting and agitating as we rearrange the world into a place of peace.”
- From the preface by Editor Liz Roberts

Hold history in your hands every day of 2012, and treasure decades of peace and social justice imagery. This last edition of the Peace Calendar features dazzling full-color reproductions of all 56 previous covers.

Take a journey with WRL that starts in 1955 and enjoy full-color images of every peace calendar cover.

Keep track
of important movement history dates throughout the year

Stay connected
with directories of U.S. and international social change organizations

Be inspired
by 144 pages of peace and justice!

Datebook with sturdy spiral binding; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Not Your Fodder: 2011 Peace Calendar cover

Organizing Against the Militarization of Youth

Edited by
Oskar Castro & Judith Mahoney Pasternak

A directory of counter-military-recruitment projects around the country, this year’s Peace Calendar serves as colorful documentation of this vibrant grassroots movement as well as an organizing resource. Find out how activists around the country are resisting the militarization of our youth!

“Scores of groups nationwide are working to change the paradigm and plant the seeds of peace, nonviolence, and resistance to militarism. … De-militarizing our youth is not an easy business to be in, but if we are ever to expect a world without war, where all swords are turned into solar panels, then it must begin with the youth.”

From the foreword by
Co-Editor Oskar Castro

  • Get energized by this directory of counter-recruitment projects around the country
  • Keep track of important movement history dates throughout the year
  • Enjoy vibrant color images as you plan your weekly activities
  • Stay connected with directories of U.S. and international peace and justice organizations
  • Be inspired by 128 pages of resistance to militarism
  • Datebook with sturdy spiral binding; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Remembering Bayard Rustin at 100

by WRL National Committee member Matt Meyer

One hundred years after the birth of human rights icon Bayard Rustin, his complicated legacy pushes us to analyze our own complicated times...As the dreams and nightmares of a new generation are being forged against a backdrop of pepper spray and tear gas, it is time to take a deeper look at the relationship between the movements for peace and for justice — movements which are no more “integrated” now than they were 50 years ago.

Some Writings on War Tax Resistance

Thoughts, poems and tales from resisters, including Juanita Nelson, Allen Ginsberg and Pete Seeger.

Women Conscientious Objectors Anthology cover

Conscientious objectors are generally seen as male - as are soldiers. This book breaks with this assumption. Women conscientiously object to military service and militarism, not only in countries that conscript women - such as Eritrea and Israel - but also in countries without conscription of women. In doing so, they redefine antimilitarism from a feminist perspective, opposing not only militarism, but also a form of antimilitarism that creates the male conscientious objector as the "hero" of antimilitarist struggle.

This anthology includes contributions by women conscientious objectors and activists from Britain, Columbia, Eritrea, Israel, Paraguay, South Korea, Turkey, and the USA, plus supporting documents and statements.

90 Years of Revolutionary Nonviolence: WRL Perpetual Calendar
90 Years of Revolutionary Nonviolence:
WRL’s New Perpetual Calendar Highlights Revolutionary Nonviolence on the Occasion of Our 90th Anniversary.

While it does not replace WRL’s desk calendars, this beautiful wall calendar can be used year after year since it doesn’t match dates and days. It includes an event related to WRL and nonviolence for each day, with a line to add your own reminders of birthdays, etc. You can fill it in or simply use the calendar for the events and images.

Two pages for each month means 24 images of the last 90 years. These include historical posters and artwork, new art, and photographs. There will also be 24 smaller images that highlights WRL’s involvement in larger nonviolent movements.

Included among the many people, actions and events chronicled in this calendar are:

  • Opposition to World War II
  • 1947 Journey of Reconciliation
  • 1955 Civil Defense Drill
  • 1963 March on Washington
  • Collage of Draft card burnings – by men and women
  • Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice
  • Posters from May Day 1971, Seneca Women’s Encampment by Vera B. Williams,
  • Peace Cranes by Erica Weiss
  • “Stop Militarism In Our Schools!” by Peg Averill
  • Chilean arpillaras of nonviolent protests

and much more!

Size: 8 x 10.5 folded, 8 x 21 opened, spiral bound wall calendar

Union Printed

All calendars shipped via media mail.

WIN Magazine Summer-Fall 2013

Volume 30; Issue 2/3

90th Anniversary Issue

There are few organizations, if any, that can claim the history, longevity, and faithfulness to radical social justice of the War Resisters League. An organization founded with the mission to end war and the root causes of war is not going to be a flash in the pan.

Still, it’s only been through careful, intentional, and strategic work that WRL has remained a unique resource for the Left and, for many, a political home.

While WRL has recently decided to focus more directly on cross-movement building, an intersectional lens is not new to the organization. By virtue of its leadership, WRL was solidly tied to the civil rights struggles of the ’50s and ’60s and feminist and gay liberation movements throughout its history.

As a new generation of activists engages in issues related to Palestinian self-determination, economic justice, antiracism, and gender and sexuality (to name just a few), nonviolent social change continues to be a framework. And WRL’s membership and leadership collaborating across generations means that the context and history of these struggles are not lost.

WRL continues to build on its core strengths and values: providing trainings and organizing tools to nonviolent activists, introducing individuals to consensus-based decision making, an expansive national and international network, unique political analysis, and coalition building. Its solid base that includes veterans and active service members as well as conscientious objectors keeps it grounded in its antimilitarist foundations. Its continued tradition of potluck-as-meeting ensures that we care for ourselves and each other as we work toward a more peaceful, sustainable world.

We are happy and grateful to be able to bring you this special issue of WIN highlighting and reflecting on some of WRL’s successes and challenges over the past nine decades. Thank you for traveling this road with us and for the roads you make each day. See you en route.

WIN Editors
win [at] warresisters [dot] org

WRL Organizer's Manual

Written in 1986, but still a fountain of commonsense tips, theory, and practice for getting organized. Whether its settling up a literature table, batting through the courts, contacting the media, or staging a sit-down protest, this is a great place to start.

The Military is Not Just a Job cover - English

September 2013 Edition

You’ve probably heard the ads and the recruiter’s sales pitch. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? All advertising does. But if mili- tary life doesn’t live up to the advertising, you can’t bring your enlistment agreement back to the recruiter for a refund. You are obligated to the military for a total of eight years, including time in the reserves when you could be recalled.

This essential counter military recruitment pamphlet, produced by Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (Project YANO)  includes information that should be seen by every person considering joining the military.  Activists across the country distribute this flyer in schools, at job fairs and community gatherings.

Sections include:

  • What are some things I should know about military life?
  • Will I Lose some basic rights?
  • Will it help me get a job later?
  • What about promises of bonuses?
  • Is college money free and guaranteed?
  • Is there discrimination in the military?
  • Can the military give me citizenship?
  • What should women know?
  • War- You think it won't happen to you?
  • Service and making a differnce
  • If you already joined the Delayed Entry Program (DEP)
  • Thinks you should ask yourself before enlisting
  • 9 things to consider when you talk to a recruiter
  • Finding a  non-military job

... and links to further resources, including online videos and organizations doing counter-recruitment work.

Available in English and Spanish, as
¿Solo un empleo? No… ¡Son ocho años de tu vida!

Discounts applied at checkout:
1- 99          .15 each
100 - 999  .12 each

A Force More Powerful


Two DVD Set!

A Force More Powerful, a three-hour, two-part documentary series reveals one of the 20th century's most important but least understood stories -- how millions chose to battle the forces of brutality and oppression with nonviolence -- and won.

With archival footage and interviews with witnesses and survivors, A Force More Powerful tells six stories of successful nonviolent movements which used strikes, slowdowns, boycotts and massive demonstrations to topple dictators, foil military invaders, establish democracy and win human rights. Here are the heroes, some known, some unsung, who changed the course of the 20th century. Their power flowed not from the barrel of a gun but from discipline and from shrewd tactical planning.

A Force More Powerful Films

Run time: 154 Minutes