Organize This! 2012 Peace Calendar

A 1955-2011 Retrospective

Edited by Liz Roberts
Foreword by Noam Chomsky
Afterword by Wendy Schwartz

In 1955 War Resisters League began publishing the only political calendar in the US. After a 57-year streak, WRL presents its final Peace Calendar. Take a stroll through more than half a century of revolutionary nonviolence with this striking farewell retrospective calendar.

“We named this calendar Organize This! as a tribute to people’s movements everywhere, and as an invitation for us all to continue acting and agitating as we rearrange the world into a place of peace.”
- From the preface by Editor Liz Roberts

Hold history in your hands every day of 2012, and treasure decades of peace and social justice imagery. This last edition of the Peace Calendar features dazzling full-color reproductions of all 56 previous covers.

Take a journey with WRL that starts in 1955 and enjoy full-color images of every peace calendar cover.

Keep track
of important movement history dates throughout the year

Stay connected
with directories of U.S. and international social change organizations

Be inspired
by 144 pages of peace and justice!

Datebook with sturdy spiral binding; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

What Every Girl Should Know

What Every Girl Should Know about the U.S. Military

Written for girls, queer and trans youth, youth of color and poor youth, this newly redesigned full-color "What Every Girl Should Know About the U.S. Military" brochure is focused on sexual & gender-based violence: perfect for distributing at schools & community centers.

Copies are available for $0.15 each plus 20% shipping, or $0.12 for orders of 100 or more!  (Discounts are applied at checkout)

Patriarchy upholds militarism: we must smash both!

The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq by Helen Benedict

by Helen Benedict

"Benedict's book, filled with compelling and heartbreaking stories, is a groundbreaking testament to the bravery, resilience, and almost insurmountable obstacles faced by women stationed in Iraq".
—Deirdre Sinnott, ForeWord

"The Lonely Soldier will shock you and enrage you and bring you to tears. It's must reading for everyone who cares about women, justice, fairness, the military, and the United States."
—Katha Pollitt, award-winning columnist, The Nation

"It is hard to determine what is most disturbing about this book—the devious and immoral tactics used by leaders and recruiters to get women to join the military, the terrible poverty and personal violence women were escaping that led them to be vulnerable to such manipulation, the raping and harassing of women soldiers by their superiors and comrades once they got to Iraq, or the untreated homelessness, illnesses, and madness that have haunted [these] women since they came home. . . . A crucial accounting of the shameful war on women who gave their bodies, lives, and souls for their country."
—Eve Ensler, playwright, performer, activist, and author of The Vagina Monologues

Helen Benedict, a professor of journalism at Columbia University, has written frequently on women, race, and justice. Her books include Virgin or Vamp: How the Press Covers Sex Crimes and the novels The Opposite of Love, The Sailor's Wife, Bad Angel, and A World Like This. Her work on soldiers won the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism.

265 pages
Beacon Press (April 1, 2010)


Women Conscientious Objectors Anthology cover

Conscientious objectors are generally seen as male - as are soldiers. This book breaks with this assumption. Women conscientiously object to military service and militarism, not only in countries that conscript women - such as Eritrea and Israel - but also in countries without conscription of women. In doing so, they redefine antimilitarism from a feminist perspective, opposing not only militarism, but also a form of antimilitarism that creates the male conscientious objector as the "hero" of antimilitarist struggle.

This anthology includes contributions by women conscientious objectors and activists from Britain, Columbia, Eritrea, Israel, Paraguay, South Korea, Turkey, and the USA, plus supporting documents and statements.

90 Years of Revolutionary Nonviolence: WRL Perpetual Calendar
90 Years of Revolutionary Nonviolence:
WRL’s New Perpetual Calendar Highlights Revolutionary Nonviolence on the Occasion of Our 90th Anniversary.

While it does not replace WRL’s desk calendars, this beautiful wall calendar can be used year after year since it doesn’t match dates and days. It includes an event related to WRL and nonviolence for each day, with a line to add your own reminders of birthdays, etc. You can fill it in or simply use the calendar for the events and images.

Two pages for each month means 24 images of the last 90 years. These include historical posters and artwork, new art, and photographs. There will also be 24 smaller images that highlights WRL’s involvement in larger nonviolent movements.

Included among the many people, actions and events chronicled in this calendar are:

  • Opposition to World War II
  • 1947 Journey of Reconciliation
  • 1955 Civil Defense Drill
  • 1963 March on Washington
  • Collage of Draft card burnings – by men and women
  • Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice
  • Posters from May Day 1971, Seneca Women’s Encampment by Vera B. Williams,
  • Peace Cranes by Erica Weiss
  • “Stop Militarism In Our Schools!” by Peg Averill
  • Chilean arpillaras of nonviolent protests

and much more!

Size: 8 x 10.5 folded, 8 x 21 opened, spiral bound wall calendar

Union Printed

All calendars shipped via media mail.


by Julie Mertus

Case studies from Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan tackle human rights laws and gender-based violence

War's Offensive on Women contends that humanitarian groups’ attempts to provide assistance and protection for women will fall short unless they make women major actors in such efforts. Mertus shows how human rights laws are beginning to address gender-based violence, and how agencies can respond to women’s needs in conflict and post-conflict settings. The book is of wide interest to humanitarian and human rights practitioners, policymakers, and students alike.

Kumarian Press: 2000

Syracuse Cultural Workers 2015 Peace Calendar: Sharing The River Of Life


A beautiful wall calendar from our friends at Syracuse Cultural Workers!

The dramatic cover photograph by Jessica Hallenbeck presents the Two Row Wampum paddlers approaching the George Washington Bridge in NYC in 2013, symbolically recommitting supporters to honor long-ignored indigenous treaties and to respect the Earth.

  • 200 people's history annotations
  • 44th edition
  • Holidays for many faiths
  • Lunar cycles, 13 native moons

January: Skateistan: Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul
February: Selma to Montgomery March - 50th Anniversary
March: Arundhati Roy: Challenging Empire
April: Renewables Rock!
May: Mothers’ Day Proclamation, 1870
June: Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project (QUIP)
July: Americans With Disability Act (ADA)– 25th Anniversary
August: Moral Mondays in North Carolina
September: Red Hook Justice Center
October: Resisting Drones: Putting a Face on War
November: Paddles Up!
December: Return to SOUTH Sudan

Note: This is a WALL CALENDAR
Full color, 14" x 11" , 14 x 22 on your wall


In 1848 the first Women's Rights Convention had been held in Seneca Falls, New York; in 1983 women chose the nearby Seneca Army Depot as the site for the Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice. 

According to their vision statement, "Once again women are gathering at Seneca - this time to challenge the nuclear threat at its doorstep.  The Seneca Army Depot, a Native American homeland once nurtured and protected by the Iroquois, is now the storage site for the neutron bomb and most likely the Pershing II missile and is the departure point for weapons to be deployed in Europe."

Thousands of women came to Seneca and 350 women were arrested for actions at the base.

Many WRL women were involved, and the WRL Southeast Regional Office organized a Women's Peace Walk from Durham, NC, to the Women's Peace Encampment.

- From the WRL Perpetual Calendar

For more information on Seneca, see  peacecampherstory.blogspot.com/

Offset Lithograph
22" x 17"

Syracuse Cultural Workers 2015 Women Artists Datebook


The cover artwork of muralist and activist artist Judithe Hernández reminds us of the mystery that reveals itself throughout our lives. With 30 art and poetry pages, the datebook offers work by Ellen Bass, Rachel Guido deVries, Georgia Popoff, Lee Lawson and other women artists.

"Not only are electronics slow, but how could I ever give up beautiful visuals, art to contemplate, poems, important holidays, folk wisdom, my impromptu notes in the spaces, lists, addresses, etc. etc, etc? Paper calendars become records of life and artifacts to keep. Of course, I would never give up technology and I use it daily, but some beautiful rituals shouldn't disappear."
                                         —Carolyn Dahl, Houston, Texas

Compact, beautiful & environmentally respectful.

This year's edition honors the work of environmental activist Sandra Steingraber.

  • Flat opening, spiral-bound
  • Uncoated stock for notations
  • Lunar cycles, 13 native moons
  • Weekly quotes by women

5x7 ∙ Engagement

We Are All Part of One Another: Barbara Deming Reader

by Jane Meyerding

New Society Publisher: 1984

This excellent Barbara Demming Reader contains essays, poems, speeches and letters “spanning four decades by America’s foremost writer on issues of women and peace, feminism and nonviolence.” A book for all those struggling to create a just and caring world.