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A Force More Powerful


Two DVD Set!

A Force More Powerful, a three-hour, two-part documentary series reveals one of the 20th century's most important but least understood stories -- how millions chose to battle the forces of brutality and oppression with nonviolence -- and won.

With archival footage and interviews with witnesses and survivors, A Force More Powerful tells six stories of successful nonviolent movements which used strikes, slowdowns, boycotts and massive demonstrations to topple dictators, foil military invaders, establish democracy and win human rights. Here are the heroes, some known, some unsung, who changed the course of the 20th century. Their power flowed not from the barrel of a gun but from discipline and from shrewd tactical planning.

A Force More Powerful Films

Run time: 154 Minutes

Military Myths

Military Myths is an organizing tool to educate the public on the military's aggressive recruitment of low income youth and youth of color. Featuring interviews with youth, activists and people of color who have served in the military, the video gives an alternative viewpoint exposing the tactics military representatives use to engage youth — and it exposes the reality of military service. Recently updated, this DVD has Spanish subtitles, up-to-the-minute statistics, and new clips that look at alternatives to military service for low income youth and successful counter military recruitment organizing strategies.

Never Giving Up DVD cover

Never Giving Up: The WRL's 40th Peace Awards Dinner Honoring Ralph Digia & Karl Bissinger features Dan Berrigan, Charlie King & Karen Brandow, The Living Theater, Grace Paley, and many others.

61 minutes.
Produced and directed by Matt Meyer and WRL.
Edited by Steve Zehentner. 

Also available in VHS.

Peace Not War CD cover

Featuring Ani Difranco, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Le Tigre and more!

The second Peace Not War album redefines protest music for the twenty-first century: non-stop funky beats on one disc and fat guitars on the other, with deep and inspiring lyrics throughout.

From the Peace Not War website:

The past three years have provoked the most prolific period of protest music in history, widely heard thanks to computer and Internet technology - first designed by the American military and now crucial tools used by activists to organise globally. The hundreds of anti-war song submissions for this new compilation demonstrate the power of "bedroom studio" technology. Some of the low-budget recordings blew away the producers and were selected for the compilation ahead of "signed" musicians.

This 2 disc double album was produced in London by a few musicians and activists with a small but international network of volunteers. The lyrics are radically critical of the Bush-Blair-Howard war machine, but consistently insist on peaceful forms of resistance. The CD cover is purple and green - the colours of the Greenham common Women's Peace Camp - to symbolise nonviolence.

Death & Taxes DVD Cover

A new film about War Tax Resisters and Their Motivations. Produced by the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, Death & Taxes asks:

Why and how do people refuse to pay for war?

Where does the money go?

What are the consequences?

How does war tax resistance fit into one’s life?

Twenty-eight people offer their motivations for and methods of resisting the war machine with their tax money.

This tightly paced 30-minute film introduces viewers to war tax refusal and redirecting tax dollars to peace, with music by Sharon Jones and the DapKings, Antibalas, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, and First Strike Theatre’s version of “Don’t Pay Taxes” by Charlie King.

Excellent for workshops and presentations with time for discussion.

“The greatest changes in history have only come when people are willing to put everything on the line.” -- Julia Butterfly Hill

30 minutes
Editing: Carlos Steward, Asheville, NC

Produced by the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, a coalitiohn of groups from across the U.S. formed in 1982 to provide information and support to people involved in or considering some form of war tax resistance.  For more information, visit or call 800.269.7464.