Peace Calendar

Organize This! 2012 Peace Calendar

A 1955-2011 Retrospective

Edited by Liz Roberts
Foreword by Noam Chomsky
Afterword by Wendy Schwartz

In 1955 War Resisters League began publishing the only political calendar in the US. After a 57-year streak, WRL presents its final Peace Calendar. Take a stroll through more than half a century of revolutionary nonviolence with this striking farewell retrospective calendar.

“We named this calendar Organize This! as a tribute to people’s movements everywhere, and as an invitation for us all to continue acting and agitating as we rearrange the world into a place of peace.”
- From the preface by Editor Liz Roberts

Hold history in your hands every day of 2012, and treasure decades of peace and social justice imagery. This last edition of the Peace Calendar features dazzling full-color reproductions of all 56 previous covers.

Take a journey with WRL that starts in 1955 and enjoy full-color images of every peace calendar cover.

Keep track
of important movement history dates throughout the year

Stay connected
with directories of U.S. and international social change organizations

Be inspired
by 144 pages of peace and justice!

Datebook with sturdy spiral binding; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Not Your Fodder: 2011 Peace Calendar cover

Organizing Against the Militarization of Youth

Edited by
Oskar Castro & Judith Mahoney Pasternak

A directory of counter-military-recruitment projects around the country, this year’s Peace Calendar serves as colorful documentation of this vibrant grassroots movement as well as an organizing resource. Find out how activists around the country are resisting the militarization of our youth!

“Scores of groups nationwide are working to change the paradigm and plant the seeds of peace, nonviolence, and resistance to militarism. … De-militarizing our youth is not an easy business to be in, but if we are ever to expect a world without war, where all swords are turned into solar panels, then it must begin with the youth.”

From the foreword by
Co-Editor Oskar Castro

  • Get energized by this directory of counter-recruitment projects around the country
  • Keep track of important movement history dates throughout the year
  • Enjoy vibrant color images as you plan your weekly activities
  • Stay connected with directories of U.S. and international peace and justice organizations
  • Be inspired by 128 pages of resistance to militarism
  • Datebook with sturdy spiral binding; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Sparking Change: 2010 Peace Calendar cover

Sparking Change: Poster Art and Politics
War Resisters League's 2010 Peace Calendar

These full-color date-books make great gifts.

A collection of some of the world's most evocative political posters.
52-plus thought-provoking images that speak volumes and tackle the pressing issues of our time.

Edited and designed by Luba Lukova

Spiral-Bound Desk Calendar
5 1/2" X 8 1/2" Diary
128 Pages

SCREENPEACE 2007 Peace Calendar

An Antiwar Film Festival

A desk calendar and catalogue of 63 films and videos that promote peace and nonviolence and oppose war and warmakers. From Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911,” Hollywood’s “Syriana” and “Wag the Dog,” to the story of Argentina’s Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, and biographies of pacifists like Bayard Rustin and Dorothy Day, this survey of the last 20 years of antiwar filmmaking includes works by major movie studios, independent producers, and grassroots activists across the globe.

Each film description includes stills, distributors’ contact information, country of origin and language, format, and running time.

  • Weekly date pages listing historical events
  • Directory of U.S. peace and justice organizations, publications, and international contacts

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 desk calendar, 128 pages; spiral bound.

Peace-Loving Nations 2006 Peace Calendar

Peace-Loving Nations:
Music of Peace and Resistance

A songbook and music sampler, the War Resisters League 2006 Peace Calendar, brings you lyrics and music from around the world representing an integral part of the struggle against war and its underlying causes — racism, sexism, poverty, capitalism, and class.

  • songs from miners, millers, weavers, and other workers
  • Spanish, German, Chinese, Yiddish songs with English translations
  • musical setting of a poem by the Palestinian poet Tawfik Zayyad
  • a lullaby by the Argentine songwriter Bernardo Palombo
  • an anti-dictatorship song from South Korea
  • British and Japanese anti-nuclear songs
  • a traditional African-American spiritual
  • songs and quotes from U.S. artists including Paul Robeson, Malvina Reynolds, Pete Seeger, and Charlie King
  •  . . . and lots more

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 desk calendar, 128 pages; spiral bound.

Original cover art by Luba Lukova
Lyrics, music, artwork, and essays from a wide range of traditions

Weekly date pages listing historical events

Let Us Go Forward Together 2005 Peace Calendar

Let Us Go Forward Together

Celebrate 50 years of WRL’s Peace Calendar and find quotations, artwork, and writings that help us move forward with our work today.

Change-makers such as Mohandas Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi, Abbie Hoffman, Rosa Parks, and Ani DiFranco, and groups like Children of War and Women in Black — among many others — speak to nonviolent activists through the generations. Our title, “Let Us Move Forward Together,” is taken from the Black South African call to freedom published in the 1961 peace calendar and included in our 2005 calendar.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 desk calendar, 128 pages; spiral bound.

Preface by Howard Zinn

Original cover art by Rita Corbin, artist for the first peace calendar in 1955

Quotable quotes, poetry, excerpts from essays and songs, plus great illustrations and art

Weekly date pages listing historical events

2003 Peace Calendar

Can't get through 2014 without a WRL Peace Calendar? The days and dates on this 2003 calendar mirror the days and dates for 2014.

Nourishing the Nonviolent Revolution features zestful vegetarian recipes from members and friends of the War Resisters League, providing a calendar and a cookbook to nourish you throughout the year while carrying on the nonviolent struggle for peace and justice.

Introduction by Vera Gewanter, author of A Passion for Vegetables
Drawings by New York artist Erika Weihs

Original Cover Painting by Jeneane Lunn
Edited by Ruth L. Benn
Design by Rick Bickhart

Recipes for drinks, breads, soups, salads, main and side dishes, condiments, desserts. 100% vegetarian (50% vegan)

Weekly date pages listing historical events.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 desk calendar, 128 pages; spiral bound.


Poems of Protest 2000 Peace Calendar

Poems of Protest for the Year 2000

A collection of poetry by 20th-century writers who warn of the need to end war and suffering, and create a new world of environmental justice and human rights in the new millennium.
Includes poems by:
Chinua Achebe • Philip Appleman • Marjorie Appleman • Scott Bates • Wendell Berry • Michael Blumenthal • Thad Box • James Broughton • Dennis Brutus • Lucille Clifton • Jane Cooper • Ruby Dee • Rita Dove • William Everson • CB Follett • Allen Ginsberg • David Henderson • William Heyen • Bob Holman • Will Inman • Susan Rae Katz • Philip Larkin • Denise Levertov • John Manifold • DH Melhem • Eve Merriam • Joyce Carol Oates • Grace Paley • Kenneth Patchen • Marge Piercy • Adrienne Rich • Muriel Rukeyser • Carl Sandberg • Judith Wright

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 desk calendar, 128 pages; spiral bound.

Poetry, Prose and Artwork 1999 Peace Calendar

Poetry, Prose and Artwork by Young People

1. What will happen if?
2. What will happen when?
3. What will happen when were if?

3 out of a thousand questions.

by John Owens-Ream, grade 4

In this calendar, children of many countries were asked to reveal in words and drawings what they saw in the world around them and what they'd like to see. And because children are natural poets, perhaps we hoped the sun and the moon and the stars were visible in their inner firmament.

But children are honest. They tell it as it is. Whatever their ages--they range from five years old to nineteen--they do not try to spare us. Their responses reverberate with their inner feelings...

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 desk calendar, 128 pages; spiral bound.
1-color reproductions of artwork on brightly colored pages

1991 WRL Peace Calendar

A Way of Life:
Celebrating Sustained Activism
1991 WRL Peace Calendar
limited numbers available. order now!

Edited by Pat Farren
Foreword by Maggie Kuhn

This 1991 Calendar celebrates the sustained advocacy of more than fifty older activists who have committed their lives to nonviolent social change.  They have taken risks, endured criticism and sustained their activist roles.

New Society Publishers
War Resisters League

Spiral-bound, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
128 pages

Limited numbers available.  Order now!

Read the Preface, Intro and List of Profiles.