WRL Field Report

Occupy Hartford People's University

Field organizer Ali issa visited the “People’s University” — a project of Occupy Hartford in Connecticut — to lead a discussion on the ongoing Egyptian Revolution and how it relates to local struggles. That day was especially fitting to focus on Egypt since it was in the midst of one of the largest doctors’ strikes in Egypt’s history, which itself was a part of the general wave of worker empowerment, organizing, and direct action that has been building ever since January 25, 2011.

Members of Occupy Hartford were especially interested in learning about the U.S. government’s role in obstructing the process underway in Egypt and potential for solidarity. They explored WRL’s campaign against tear gas, which embodies the continuing 1.3 billion in U.S. military aid to Egypt, as well as Egyptian efforts to provide alternatives to U.S.-driven IMF loans, like the growing Popular Campaign to Drop Egypt’s Debt. “How can discussions like this really help us learn from them?” someone asked.

Finally, Occupy Hartford’s own efforts got a thorough hearing. Much like in places across the country, efforts to expose and replace systems often called “the new Jim Crow” have been building momentum, so much of Occupy Hartford’s energies were focused on supporting events and strategizing going on at local libraries as well as at the local Charter Oak Cultural Center. There was general excitement about the worker organizing in Walmarts around the country (see WIN News).