Gloria Williams, ¡presente!

In loving memory of Gloria Williams, 1950-2016

Gloria Williams, 1950-2016

Gloria Williams, longtime WRL stalwart and former National Committee member, writer, journalist, and videographer, committed pacifist and indefatigable fighter for social justice, died February 29 in Iowa City after a long illness. She was 65.

Gloria wrote about the threat of genetically engineered food and about the detainees at Guantanamo. She interviewed Fidel Castro and traveled to Nepal to teach women there how to make videos She co-edited WRL's 2007 Peace Calendar, Screenpeace: A Festival of Antiwar Films, and once ran for Congress in Iowa on the Socialist Party ticket.

With all those accomplishments, Gloria was always a gentle presence in any space or sphere she inhabited. In the words of WRL National Office Coordinator Linda Thurston, “We will miss her fierce sweet commitment to peace and justice.” Our condolences go out to her loving family. Gloria Williams, ¡presente!