Important Message Regarding WRL’s store + Mutual Aid resources

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Dear friends,

We’re writing to touch base during this time of crisis and uncertainty, to offer an update on WRL’s operations and to share a few resources on what we can be doing to love and protect each other in these strange and difficult times. Like many of our peer organizations, War Resisters League has moved to working remotely, and because we ship directly out of our office and don’t use third-party logistics to ship orders, we’ve temporarily paused shipping from our online store. Here is what you need to know about our current operations:  

  • WRL staff are working remotely. Our physical office is closed until April. We will send an email announcing when the office reopens again.

  • You can still place orders at our online store. We will process them and send updates on shipping status.

  • If you placed an order by March 13, your packages are in the mail. 

  • If you placed an order after that date, shipping for your order is paused.

  • Please email us at orders [at] if you have questions about your order.

You can still access the digital version of some of our materials, like the newest version of Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes, updated for the current fiscal year, some of our counter-recruitment materials and readings on nonviolence. Check the store page for downloadable PDF files. Thank you for understanding.

We are deeply moved by this cultural watershed moment for mutual aid: it shows just how much is within us to both extend care and receive care as a society. Unlike charity, mutual aid is a form of solidarity: we give and receive support because we need all of us to be healthy in order to thrive as a whole.

Below are some resources and readings we’ve seen on mutual aid. Hit the reply button to share your thoughts: what have you read or seen or experienced that has moved you in this moment?

In solidarity,

War Resisters League



Coronavirus Resource Kit: info, funds to support, etc

DONATE - more funds in the resource kit!

COVID-19 Financial Solidarity spreadsheet

Support the emergency relief campaign for refugees in Lesvos



National mutual aid networks master spreadsheet - find your city!

Write letters to survivors who are incarcerated

How to take action without leaving the house


Template of a note to leave for your neighbors via @prisonculture and WRL comrades

How to make a neighborhood slack during COVID-19

A calendar tool to coordinate care/mutual aid