IRS Blockade Media Reports

Media Reports about the IRS Blockade in Washington, DC, on March 19, 2008

Washington Post
Cries Against War Sparse But Fierce
Fewer Than 1,000 Protest, 33 Arrested In Scattered Displays in the District,
Michael E. Ruane (March 20)
Detailed roundup with reference to RMO in lead; Ed Hedemann quoted

An Antiwar Blockade Amid the Apathy Armada” by Dana Milbank (Mar. 20)
A nasty, snide piece accompanied by a sarcastically narrated video

War Protesters Take to D.C. Streets
Photo gallery of 13 photos with Polina arrested, the march with banners, etc.

18 photos: Very good photos of march to IRS and arrests there (both entrances) #1 - 7, 13 - 15 (#1 of Maureen with missile)

New York Times
On Invasion’s Anniversary, Protests and Pessimism” (March 20)
nationwide roundup with fleeting reference to IRS blockade

Nice slide show of 10 photos (Ruth getting arrested is #4, march with banners #9)

ABC News
Anti-War Activists Keep Up the Heat
Gallery of 8 photos (#1 at IRS)

Protests in US mark Iraq war anniversary
3 photos at the IRS on 12th St., one of Amy B. shouting

Protesters march on Iraq anniversary
3 photos (2 at IRS -- CodePink & one arrestee)

Thirty-two arrested in Washington antiwar protest
nationwide round-up with IRS blockade in lead; quotes Frida

In pictures: US anti-war protest” (Mar. 19)
9 photos with captions: 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 at IRS

Monsters & Critics (M&C)
In photos: 'USA Iraq War Demonstration' “ (Mar. 19)
14 photos (#3 - 9 at IRS), including B&P banners (#3), Bev-Theresa-Alice (#4), Ed getting arrested (#6)

AP Raw video
Iraq protestors target IRS
nice, but short, video of IRS demo

AP story via Yahoo News
War protesters halt traffic, recall dead” by Sarah Karush (Mar. 19)
national roundup, quotes Brian Pickett, arrested at IRS
same story but via Washington Post and with a slide show

Yahoo News (OneWorld US)
U.S. Protesters Target 'Pillars of War'”[Mar. 19 before the action]

Fox News
Protests Voice War Dissent Around Country; More than 30 Arrested in Washington, D.C.
national round-up that leads with IRS blockade; Brian Pickett quoted (Mar. 19)

Stars and Stripes
Protesters call for end to war
By Leo Shane III
One photo at the barricades in front of the IRS

The Hill
Bush touts Iraq progress; protesters converge on D.C.” (Mar. 19)
mid-demo article

Smaller anti-war crowds gather in Washington” (Mar. 20)
quotes Frida, and article leads with: “Entrances to the Internal Revenue Service were blocked by ‘war crime-scene’ tape. . .”

Washington Times
Anti-war protests muted but disruptive” (Mar. 20)
article, Frida quoted

Dandelion Salad
War Resisters Block IRS HQ, 31 arrested
news report tagged on to WRL press release quoting Ed and Ruth

The Guardian
Protests mark Iraq war's fifth anniversary” (Mar. 19)
national roundup of actions

Expert Notes Shift In Anti-War Movement As Iraq War Hits 5-Year Mark
(“When protesters barricaded the national headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service in Washington and 32 were arrested on Wednesday, it was a sure sign that the anti-war movement has taken a turn, an expert told RTTNews. . . .”)

Al Jazeera
Arrests made at US war protests” (Mar. 19)
Frida quoted

Day of anti-war protests and arrests in the United States” (Mar. 19)
Frida quoted

Voice of America
US Protesters Mark Iraq War Anniversary” (Mar. 19)

Minot Daily News
Iraq war protesters arrested at Internal Revenue Service” (Mar. 22)

The Raw Story
Iraq war protesters arrested at IRS headquarters” (Mar. 19)
article, photo of 12th St. blockade, good MSNBC live video showing arrest at main entrance

Next Left Notes
32 War Resisters Arrested at IRS
article by Frida
many photos and videos of the blockade and arrests

Tom Martinez
gallery of photos

Jim Haber
gallery of 15 photos