WRL Posters now available online at Just Seeds!


WRL Posters now available online at justseeds.com!!

Just Seeds is now carrying our posters on their website. The first of the WRL posters up on the Just Seeds site is Peg Averill's "Capital Punishment":

From Just Seeds: One of the first of a number of historical posters we hope to be selling on Justseeds for the War Resister's League. This one is a classic Peg Averill design, with her signature illustration style used to great effect in railing against the death penalty. We believe this poster was produced in 1976 by the War Resisters League. It was the first in a series of posters produced by the WRL, many illustrated by Averill. It was printed by the union and movement print shop in Smithtown, NY called The Print Shop.

For those not familiar with her work, Averill (1949-1993) created hundreds of political graphics in the 1970s and 80s, which were used by a large number of organizations working on a variety of political issues (anti-war, anti-nuclear, prisoner rights, anti-death penalty, etc.). Her illustrations were often used in the War Resisters League publication WIN.

2 color offset printed poster
unsigned/unnumbered (although we only have a limited number of copies)

Go to the Just Seeds website to order Peg Averill's Capital Punishment and other WRL posters!

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