A.K. Gupta

A.K. Gupta was a member of the WIN Publications Committee and has written extensively about the Iraq War for the Indypendent, Z Magazine and Left Turn.  He is currently writing a book about the history of the war.  Gupta was previously the international news editor of the Guardian Newsweekly from 1989 to 1992.  His writings on the Iraq War can be found at indypendent.org

The Disease of Occupation


On Christmas Eve 2006, an off-duty Blackwater mercenary, freshly drunk from a party in Baghdad’s Green Zone, got into an argument with a security guard for one of Iraq’s vice presidents.  Apparently, the Blackwater guard was trying to force his way into an area where senior Iraqi officials live when he was confronted.

Iran: Another Oil War in the Making


As preparations for war against Iraq intensified in the fall of 2002, neo-conservatives in Washington were fond of remarking that "the road to Tehran runs through Baghdad." The toppling of Saddam Hussein was to be the first step in remaking the map of the Middle East through military force. Syria and Iran were on the hit list, and even Saudi Arabia was suggested as a candidate for regime change.