Joanne Sheehan

Joanne Sheehan is a long-time peace activist and the former Chair of War Resisters International.  She lectures throughout the world on nonviolence and social empowerment, and has been a nonviolence trainer/workshop facilitator since the 1970s. The work in the Regional office includes counter-recruitment work in high schools, campaigning against war profiteers, and work against war profiteering.

Still Relevant: What Makes an Action Nonviolent? My Favorite Issue: July-August 2001

What Makes an Action Nonviolent? Nonviolent Activist July-August 2001

The July-August 2001 Nonviolent Activist asked "What makes an action nonviolent?" The question had acquired urgency among peace and justice activists in the wake of the November 1999 massive protests in Seattle against the World Trade Organization. I picked this issue to review because Iíd wished that discussion had gone on longer and gotten deeper, and because we are once again in a time of protest with a considerable urgency.

Chuck Matthei, 1948-2002

Chuck Matthei (left) with Wally and Juanita Nelson

Chuck Matthei—surrounded by family, friends and his beloved dog Pete—died on October 1 in his cabin at Camp Ahimsa in Voluntown, CT. Chuck died of complications from thyroid cancer; he was 54.

Born on Valentine’s Day in 1948 in Willmette, IL, Chuck opposed the growing war in Vietnam and decided to resist the draft by the time he was 18.