Tom Palumbo

Tom Palumbo is founder and acting Director of Norfolk OffBase. He spent 13 years between the Army and Army Reserves and was trained as a behavioral sciences specialist. He currently works as a nurse and lives in Virginia Beach with his “peace partner” Ann Williams.

WRL Affiliate Report

Tom Palumbo, Cindy Sheehan, Connie Hannah, Jame Bailey, Doreen Lake, and Jen St.Clair outside OffBase during the Benefit with Friends gathering last summer. By Ann Williams.
Spring 2010

Norfolk OffBase is located in central Norfolk, Va. It is surrounded by a virtual alphabet soup of military bases: USN, USAF, USMC, CIA, USA, NASA, and the USCG. All told, there are 14 major military installations within a 50-mile radius, along with several major military contractors and numerous smaller support facilities. With nearly a quarter-million active-duty service members in the area, it is readily accepted that everyone in town is or knows someone in the military, is a veteran, has a family member on active duty, or works in the defense industry.