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Essays by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Three essays by America's leading advocate for human dignity: Loving Your Enemies, Letter From a Birmingham Jail and Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam.


Two essays by Paul Goodman

Two essays by the pacifist, anarchist and activist: The Morality of Scientific Technology and The Psychology of Being Powerless.

“To expect disaster and desert the sinking ship is not a political act, but it is often a profoundly creative one, both personally and socially. To do it, one must have vitality of one’s own that is not entirely structured and warped by the suicidal system. Going it alone may allow for new development.”
    -- Paul Goodman


Two Essays by Jessie Wallace Hughan

Pacifism and Invasion and On Duelling by Jessie Wallace Hughan -- suffragist, peace activist and founder of the War Resisters League.

“It always irritates me to have people use the adjective `innocent,’ only as applied to women and children! But we have our part in it too: the responsibility of cheering “our boys,” of selling “liberty bonds” as in the Great War, of buying them, of making speeches, of pride in those who “bravely enlist,” poor young lads, of contempt for those who hold back.”
-- Jessie Wallace Hughan, On Duelling



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