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Israeli Apartheid Week 2011

Throughout March 2011, in cities all around the globe, Palestine solidarity activists are participating in Israeli Apartheid Week. IAW is a flurry of events which aim to expose the multiple ways the state of Israel commits the crime of Apartheid, as well as call on global civil society to participate in BDS – boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel and its institutions.

April 8 2011 Pentagon Action

Announcing an April 8 Civil Resistance Action at the Pentagon:

We will come together in solidarity to act in resistance against the activities of the U.S. military and form autonomous affinity groups that will be acting in nonviolent civil resistance at the Pentagon on April 8.  We will encourage groups to descend on the Pentagon around noon on April 8, but each group will decide when and where to meet to begin their action.

Nonviolent Civil Resistance on March 19th at the White House

Led by Veterans for Peace on March 19th - the anniversary of the brutal invasion of Iraq, where over a million Iraqis and almost 5,000 US soldiers were killed with thousands more grievously injured - as the occupation of Iraq and the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan continue unabated, Veterans for Peace is calling for increased veteran-led nonviolent civil resistance at the White house.

UPDATE: Results of Nov 18 trial of May 3rd Grand Central NPT Protesters

From Bev Rice:

I was delighted to tell my NLG lawyer, Mark  Taylor, that  the MTA policeman who wrote the summons wasn't my arresting officer.  After being sworn in, this officer said he was called in from Penn Station because "there was a war  protest in Grand Central."   When Judge Weinberg asked him for details, the officer stated he couldn't identify me. The officer continued, "a lieutenant  told me to write out the summons."  Judge Weinberg thanked him for his candor and dismissed the case against me.