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10 Years of detention and torture: Witness Against Torture January actions

Witness Against Torture logo: Ten Years of Shame in Guantanamo Bay

From January 2-12 Witness Against Torture will spend two weeks in Washington D.C. leading up to the 10 year commemoration of the Guantanamo prison and along with it a system of indefinite detention and torture that  targets Arab, South Asian, and Muslim men and necessitates the spread of  rampant Islamophobia that we have seen escalating over the last decade. January 3rd marks the beginning of a jury trial of 14 WAT activists who disrupted a session of Congress to demand that they stop permanent funding for Guantanamo prison.

Join Witness Against Torture's Days of Action in D.C. June 22-25 2011


We must continue to speak and act against the ongoing crime of Guantanamo!

We walk in shame and grief and anger.

We walk mindful of broken promises, hollow words, and bankrupt institutions.

We walk for men torn from their families and homelands, tortured and abused by this nation, still detained without charge or trial after all these years.

March with WRL on April 9 in NYC!

banner: The Great Iraqi Revolution

On Saturday, April 9, 2011 WRL members and members of many other peace and justice groups will be meeting at the Gandhi statue at Union Square West and 15th Street at 12pm. 

WESPAC and WRL are also calling for group participation in a feeder march to Union Square that will leave at 11:30am from the Information Booth inside of Grand Central Station at 42nd St. We will be marching on the sidewalk. 

Israeli Apartheid Week 2011

Throughout March 2011, in cities all around the globe, Palestine solidarity activists are participating in Israeli Apartheid Week. IAW is a flurry of events which aim to expose the multiple ways the state of Israel commits the crime of Apartheid, as well as call on global civil society to participate in BDS – boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel and its institutions.

April 8 2011 Pentagon Action

Announcing an April 8 Civil Resistance Action at the Pentagon:

We will come together in solidarity to act in resistance against the activities of the U.S. military and form autonomous affinity groups that will be acting in nonviolent civil resistance at the Pentagon on April 8.  We will encourage groups to descend on the Pentagon around noon on April 8, but each group will decide when and where to meet to begin their action.