No To War in Artsakh! Solidarity with antiwar Armenians and Azeris! Զոորակցություն Հայերի Հետ

No to War in Artsakh!

October 6th, 2020

At least 150 people have been killed so far from the fighting between Turkey-backed Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh (also known as Artsakh and Karabagh) which began last week on September 27th when Azeri forces shelled the area. This conflict, with roots in Russian-drawn borders, Soviet-era imperialism and propped up by the modern day global arms sales, must not be allowed to claim more lives. Below, we are amplifying statements from Armenian and Azeri antiwar activists in the region and in the diaspora with a call to action if you are in the United States:

1. All fighting and freedom-loving people in Azerbaijan and Armenia must stand up together! As Azerbaijani and Armenian feminist internationalists within the freedom movement, we call on the youth of Azerbaijan and Armenia to oppose this instrumentalisation and to set a clear signal for the freedom and self-determination of all peoples!...We call on all feminist fighters and freedom-loving people in Azerbaijan and Armenia to fight together against the Nagorno-Karabkh war!
              - Kollektiv Rhizom Schwarzer Bete Feminist Collective

2. Our enemy though is not a random Armenian, whom we have never met in our lives and possibly never will. Our enemy are the very people in power, those with specific names, who have been impoverishing and exploiting the ordinary people as well as our country’s resources for their benefit for more than two decades. They have been intolerant of any political dissent, severely oppressing the dissenters through their massive security apparatus….We, leftist activists in Azerbaijan, by no means support any further mobilization of the country’s youth into this meaningless war and see restoring the dialogue as our primary goal.
               - Azerbaijani Leftist Youth

3. Before the clashes, Armenophobic propaganda increased in Turkish media and with the start of the battle, this propaganda was intensified and disinformation began. Anadolu Agency (Turkish government news agency) claimed that the Armenians started the attack. However, it was clear that for the Artsakh forces, which were basically in a defensive position, attempting such a thing would have been irrational… We condemn Turkey’s attitude, which glorifies and supports the war. We reiterate once again that there will be no winners in war and that war does not benefit the people as it only brings death and poverty. In this sense, starting with the people of Turkey, we call on all peace activists to take action for a ceasefire and a permanent peace.
               - Nor Zartonk, Istanbul

For those of us based in the United States, we are being asked to urge our representatives to sign onto a letter to condemning Azerbaijan's attack on Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh and Armenia).

For more updates follow these activists, organizations, and spokespeople on Twitter who are calling for the end of the assault and for #NoWar #NKPeace.

In Solidarity,