Oskar Castro

Oskar Castro is a senior program analyst with the American Friends Service Committee covering issues related to peace, militarism, and the demilitarization of youth. He has been involved in human and civil rights discussions related to peace activism, political prisoners, and social justice for the last 18 years.

Maryland Opts Out of ASVAB

Illustration: Campus Predator, by Douglas Minkler

Standardized tests have long been the scourge of high school students’ academic careers. New York State students take the dreaded Regents exams, California students take the CSTs, and Texas students take the TAKS. Those preparing to apply to college ready themselves for the PSATs and SATs. Yet, some high school students, voluntarily or not, take an exam that does not so much test their general knowledge or ability to excel in a university setting as whether they have what it takes to fight U.S. wars.

Recruiting Latinos

Selling the American Nightmare

Facing a drop in African American recruitment numbers, yet still hoping to entice poor people of color, military recruiters are currently working overtime to swell the ranks with young Latinos and Latinas. Latinos are 14 percent of the U.S. population aged 18 to 44 and 14 percent of the active duty military population—up from 9.5 percent in 2002. According to Census Bureau projections, Latinos are expected to make up 18 percent of 12- to 44-year-olds by the year 2020, and the Pentagon is running to keep pace.