Solidarity with the people of Afghanistan

Nine years in Afghanistan

On October 7th, we enter into the tenth year of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan. War Resisters League has joined with a coalition of antiwar groups including Fellowship of Reconciliation and the American Friends Service Committee to organize international days of action against the war in Afghanistan. In NYC, WRL is teaming up with Iraq Veterans Against the War and the South Asia Solidarity Initiative to host a local dinner in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan that will bring together a broad group of community members in support of Afghans and against the rampant Islamophobia taken up by members of the conservative Right in the U.S. In addition, people across the country are planning their own solidarity events and actions.

Press Advisory, 9 Years in Afghanistan, NYC

To organize a solidarity dinner of your own locally, check out this organizers checklist for some tips and suggestions.

Also, check out the organizers toolkit and list your local event on the website for the International Days of Action against the war in Afghanistan.

And take moment to send a message to Congress that we need their support to end war.

If you are thinking of organizing a direct action against the continued U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, check out these resources:

Nonviolent Direct Action Checklist from the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance

War Resisters International's Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns is a valuable resource. The following sections with basic information on "Organizing for Effective Actions!" are available online and as downloadable pdf files:

Working in Groups - Affinity Groups, Group Process, Decision-Making

Check-List for Planning an Action
Roles In, Before and After an Action

Legal Support

There are many other sections of the handbook that are helpful resources, including "Tasks and Tools for Facilitating a Training," which you can find on the table of contents link above.

Additional resources can be found at (Please remember that any distribution of these materials should give credit to the source.)

You can also contact the WRL national office for help with your planning at 212-228-0450 x 12.