Staff Changes

Cal Moen moves on, Jay Cassano Joins WIN

After four years in WRL’s national office in new York City as Editor/Publisher of WIN, Cal Moen moved to Vermont last January, to try to edit the magazine as a telecommuter.

It didn’t work out that way, and Cal has switched hats, giving up the editorship and moving onto WRL’s Publications Committee. So the Committee will still get the benefit of Cal’s sly wit, and WIN can only hope that the lyricism that infused the “letter from WIn” in each issue — and colored the rest of the magazine — for four years will still find its way into the magazine’s pages.

More substantially, Cal’s experience and insights will play a solid role in the evaluation WRL is undertaking of the magazine and its place in WRL’s work (and for the readers’ part in that evaluation, see our online survey).

WIN has hired the talented Jay Cassano as Interim editor for the duration of the evaluation. Welcome aboard, Jay. And welcome to the Publications Committee, Cal.