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March 14th, 2021

Dear friends,

It's Pi day and we couldn't resist a little pun. For almost 40 years, War Resisters League has researched and produced an annual pie chart flyer to call attention to the vast amount of our income tax dollars spent on the military and war. Since World War II, roughly 50 percent of every income tax dollar goes to wars, preparations for war, and costs of past wars, no matter whether the president is Republican or Democrat. 

Order Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes FY2022 Today!

“Armed” with these numbers, taxpayers and resistors are better able to determine how much they are willing to pay or not to pay the IRS, and how much of their tax dollars they’ll reroute to organizations seeking to improve lives.

In addition, these flyers are ordered or downloaded by the thousands, thus enabling activists to leaflet the IRS, post offices, government buildings, and other venues; as well as post on social media, submit to the IRS along with their tax returns, mail to newspapers, or send to government representatives demanding the Pentagon be dramatically slashed and the money moved to desperately underfunded social programs.

These numbers are kind of “pie in the face” to wake up the general public to the crime of massive military spending. This year because the Biden administration is so very late in producing a budget, we used the projected (fiscal year) 2022 figures from last year’s Budget of the United States so that this flyer would be ready by Tax Day on May 17. Check out the numbers below:

Order Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes FY2022 Today!