WRL produces a variety of tools and resources to support grassroots organizing against war and militarism. Many resources are available on our online store, and others are available here for review and download. For updates on our No SWAT Zone campaign, Nonviolent Direct Action trainings and more, check out our organizing areas. Resources on tear gas stories & companies can be found on Facing Tear Gas. We encourage you to use our materials to build and expand your organizing. We've also listed resources we've found useful and important, available from other sources.

30th Annual Raffle for Resistance Tickets

From vintage movement memorabilia to popular education packages and a weekend getaway, our raffle is a WRL community staple and grassroots fundraiser we’re glad you participate in each year! Your raffle contribution directly supports our antiwar programs + campaigns in our efforts to end war and militarism at its roots at home and abroad. 

To enter, just purchase however many tickets ya want and on December 14, 2018, we'll draw winners and post them here.


95th Anniversary Poster

Celebrate WRL's 95 years of resisting war + militarism with this beautiful 11" x 17" union-printed poster showcasing our 95th Anniversary Logo! 


Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes FY2019


The new edition of the War Resisters League's famous "pie chart" flyer, Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes, will analyze the Federal Fiscal Year 2019 Budget.  (FY 2019 is 1 October 2018 - 30 September 2019).  Perfect for Tax Day leafletting, as a focus for forums and panels and workshops and more!

The Trump administration released its budget proposal for fiscal year 2019 on February 12, and the flyer is in production. We expect to be able to ship in early - mid March.  


So You Wanna Be a Cop?

NEW Counter-Police Recruitment Resource!

Building on decades of counter-military recruitment activism and resource-making, WRL presents this ground-breaking counter-police recruitment resource. Similar to military recruiter lies, police recruiters and branding use strategies to recruit young people, targeting youth of color and poor youth in the promotion of law enforcement careers.


Nonviolence 101

NEW Nonviolence 101 Resource!

WRL's new, updated brochure on nonviolence - what it is and how to use it - and deeper information on its impact, including:

- Basics of Nonviolence
- Strengthening Campaigns
- Why use Nonviolence?
- What is Nonviolence?
- WRL's Nonviolent Struggle History

What is nonviolence?
Revolutionary nonviolence is an active form of resistance to systems of privilege and domination. It’s not simply the absence of violence, and it’s certainly not passive. Nonviolence is a philosophy for liberation, an approach to movement building, a tactic of non-cooperation, and defense. It is a willingness to break unjust laws and take action. It’s a powerful practice we employ to resist and transform our world. People all over the world have effectively used nonviolence in their work for peace and justice.

For free workshop agendas on how to plan nonviolent campaigns and more, hit up our resources!


Syracuse Cultural Workers 2018 Peace Calendar - ON SALE!

We're happy to offer the new wall calendar from our friends at Syracuse Cultural Workers. This beautiful wall calendar is a wonderful gift, a work of art in itself and a great way to keep track of important dates in the history of struggles for peace and justice... and in your own life!

This 47th edition includes 200 people's history annotations and lists holidays for many faiths, as well as lunar cycles, with the names of the 13 native moons.

This full color wall calendar measures 14" x 11" , 14 x 22 hanging on your wall.