Steps in a Campaign

“Steps in a Campaign” is a resource that can be used in many ways, depending on the needs of the group.  It is intended to help people move together in a non-hierarchicial, inclussive process to a deeper understanding of how to develop effective campaign strategies. A facilitator should assist them through the process, using the questions and exercises. This should be given as a handout to the participants and used to create the agenda. A group may need to start at the beginning, to collectively name and describe the problem.  Even if a group is further along in their process, it is important to review what they have done to create their goals before moving into the “Steps to reach the goals”. If the group is in the early stages of a campaign, they should focus on the process of base building and empowerment in the first sessions. While they should have an understanding of the whole process, they should not be determining tactics until they have answered the foundational questions.

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