A Strategic Conference for Grassroots Activists

Sept. 29 - Oct. 2, 2006
University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

According to all attendees, the SMoD National Conference was a success! To download a MS Publisher version of the official program, please click on the image (right)

Click here to download a MS Word version of report of the conference

Go to our constantly updated blog from the conference to find reports and follow-up actions!

ORDER FORM. Did you miss the Sunday Nite “Stop the Merchants of Death” Concert and Rally? Were you there but want to hear the artists again? Then download an Acrobat PDF of this form by clicking on the image to the right, mail it to the WRL and get a CD of the Prince Myshkins, Utah Phillips, Kimya Dawson, and many more!

Photos of some of our friends, friendly activity, and nonviolent action at the SMoD National Conference.

Winona LaDuke. Utah Phillips.
Joanne Sheehan, Carol Urner, Marv Davidov.The Prince Myshkins.
The Vets arrive.Eric Stoner, Pat Stoner, Steve Thebarge, G. Simon Harak
Ellen Barfield after arrest.
Mimi LaValley addresses protesters
at the rally before the arrest.
Joanne Sheehan after arrest.
G. Simon Harak after arrest.
Before the march to Alliant begins.
The War Resisters' International contingent.
For even more photos, go to the Alliant Action Web site


The Profits of Extermination“The Profits of Extermination”

Published to acclaim--and death threats against its author and bombings of his union's offices in Colombia, The Profits of Extermination uncovers the role of multinational mining and energy companies in Colombia's violence. Through legal maneuvers, corruption, and direct use of paramilitary violence, foreign companies have taken over Colombia's resources, displacing and murdering those who have challenged them.


Merchants of Death:
Corporations that sell war, then profit from the bloodshed

It's pretty clear that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was not about the weapons of mass destruction (where ARE they?). Or about restoring sovereignty to Iraq (what about the 14 permanent U.S. military bases newly built there?). Or about ending the vast illegal imprisonment and torture of Iraqis (no comment necessary).

But as they say in detective novels, "Follow the money." Wouldn't it be important to learn about the billions and billions of dollars that certain companies are making from U.S. invasions and occupations? And would it surprise you that these very same companies have been contributing massive amounts to candidates, have "friends in high places" in the government, and have been "advising" the Department of Defense for years?

Invite a speaker/organizer from the War Resisters League's "Stop the Merchants of Death" Program to your campus, peace and justice group, or faith community. You'll learn who these companies are, how much they give, how much more they make, and how they literally "call the shots" when it comes to selling war. And you can join in our nationwide planning for a constructive nonviolent program that exposes, confronts and stops the Merchants of Death.


Looting By Any Other Name

The Profit-Driven War, by Brian J. Foley, September 15, 2005