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Peace Agenda for Ukraine and the World September 21, 2022 - Український Рух Пацифістів / Ukrainian Pacifist Movement 

"We the Ukrainian pacifists demand and will strive to end the war by peaceful means and to protect human right to conscientious objection to military service..."

Creating a Culture of Peace  July 4, 2022 -National Council of Elders

"...We must commit ourselves to protecting the children and helping them see the possibilities of a world where life is valued, protected, and cherished."

Statement of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement Against Perpetuation of War April 17, 2022 -Український Рух Пацифістів / Ukrainian Pacifist Movement

"We call upon people everywhere to express their opposition to war in any way they consider it possible. From a single post on social media or a small symbolic action, to organizing or participating in a protest against the war, every action creates a mosaic of the war resistance throughout the world. STOP THE RUSSIAN INVASION IN UKRAINE! STOP THE NATO EXPANSION! STOP ALL THE WARS, INVASIONS AND OCCUPATIONS WORLDWIDE!" - from Solidarity with all those nonviolently resisting the war in Ukraine March 11, 2022 - War Resisters' International

Statement on the War in Ukraine February 24, 2022 - War Resisters' International

Women's Appeal for Peace February 24, 2022 (Zagreb) - This appeal was initiated by feminists and peace activists from Croatia, which was supported by feminists and peace activists from the post-Yugoslav countries and the world.

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Why Russian and Ukrainian Warmongers Portray Each Other as Nazis and Fascists by Yurii Sheliazhenko of Український Рух Пацифістів / Ukranian Pacifist Movement (3/15/2022) 

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Metta Center’s Resistance to War in Ukraine Resource List  comprehensive list, includes Citizen and Other Actions Inside Ukraine

Russia is Against the War in Ukraine!

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  • Don't Lie Like Boris Johnson In this video, Yurii Sheliazhenko of Український Рух Пацифістів / Ukranian Peace Movement on how lies incite war -- describing hardships of war resisters' life in Ukraine under Russian attack, and advocating peace talks instead of shooting. (3/19/2022)

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