1992 WRL Peace Calendar: Once Upon A Time: An Illustrated Selection of Children's Books

1992 WRL Peace Calendar: Once Upon A Time:  An Illustrated Selection of Children's Books Concerning Peace, Justice and the Environment

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Edited by Pauline Lurie
With advice from Dr. Benjamin Spock and comments from Dr. Robert Coles

Miss the old WRL Peace Calendar?  We aren't publishing new ones any more, but we are offering vintage calendars until we run out of those on our shelves. You can still enjoy the great articles, illustrations essays and more!  This Vintage 992 WRL Peace Calendar matches the days and dates for 2020, so you can use it as if it were new!


If you are lucky, there was a book that moved you as a child, one that made you think in a new way, one that you remember and treasure.

Fairy tales and fables have been helping children understand the world for centuries.  Who can forget Ferdinand, the pacifist bull who went agains all stereotypes and preferred to smell the flowers rather than to fight, or Charlotte’s Web, the story of true friendship?

Positive role models are getting harder to come by and family networks that once helped some to get by are dwindling.  Where to turn?  Much has changed since Dick, Jane and Spot went over the meadows and through the woods to grandmother’s house.

Contemporary authors and illustrators today reflect more realistically than evern the variety of life-styles our children see before them.  To help make sensible and positive choices, children need to try out in the privacy of their own minds possibilities available to them.  One safe and exciting way to experiment with new ideas is to have the vicarious thrill that fantasy and imagination offers; in fact, reading, a solitary experience, gives children a chance to learn, to feel, to determine for themselves what to belive, what to doubt, what to examine further.

While over 5000 books are published just for children each year in the United States alone, many are poorly produced, some are little more than media tie-ins, toy promotions or, often, hasty rip-offs of classics designed to look educational.  Even the most conscientious of parents who want to impart positive life-affirming attitudes, who want their children to celebrate diversity and optimism, besieged by the pressures of the enormous array of flashy products for kids, have few guidelines when it comes to selecting currently available books.

Lucky are the children whose caregivers find the time and energy to select what gtoes into the mind as carefully as they select the food to nourish the body, or, in fact, to encourage the joy of reading.

We sugest these books, poems, illustrations and lyrics as an antidote to the loud and shrill messages our kids hear so often.  These marvelous works have been created by artists who believe that their work can make a difference, that reading is a pleasure and that our children, our future, must be treated with respect.

-  Pauline Lurie

Weekly date pages listing historical events

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 desk calendar, 128 pages; spiral bound.

Limited numbers available.

Published by New Society Publishers & War Resisters League


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