2011 Peace Calendar: Not Your Fodder: Organizing Against the Militarization of Youth

Edited by
Oskar Castro & Judith Mahoney Pasternak

A directory of counter-military-recruitment projects around the country, the 2011 Peace Calendar serves as colorful documentation of this vibrant grassroots movement as well as an organizing resource. Find out how activists around the country are resisting the militarization of our youth!

“Scores of groups nationwide are working to change the paradigm and plant the seeds of peace, nonviolence, and resistance to militarism. … De-militarizing our youth is not an easy business to be in, but if we are ever to expect a world without war, where all swords are turned into solar panels, then it must begin with the youth.”

From the foreword by
Co-Editor Oskar Castro

  •     Get energized by this directory of counter-recruitment projects around the country
  •     Keep track of important movement history dates throughout the year
  •     Enjoy vibrant color images as you plan your weekly activities
  •     Stay connected with directories of U.S. and international peace and justice organizations
  •     Be inspired by 128 pages of resistance to militarism
  •     Datebook with sturdy spiral binding; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Limited numbers available.