A Philosophy of Nonviolence by David McReynolds

"A Philosophy of Nonviolence" by longtime staff member of the War Resisters League. Includes topics such as Inevitability of Conflict, What About Hitler, and Why Our Job Is Much Tougher Than India's.

“Death is a given. Our own life is supremely important to us - our only experience of consciousness - yet we must come to terms with its inevitable end. At least for those of us who are atheists, there is no afterlife. Part of what makes nonviolence so powerful is its respect for the unique nature of every person. Not one of us has existed before, or will exist again. Each of us contains a kind of “private universe” of experience. It is good to live, good to experience life, good to enjoy that experience, good to rejoice in the wonders of life. All the more urgent, if we are here but once, and briefly, to feel entitled to experience the delights.”

    —David McReynolds, A Philosophy of Nonviolence