Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes FY2018

The current edition of the War Resisters League's famous "pie chart" flyer, Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes, analyzes the Federal Fiscal Year 2018 Budget.  (FY 2018 is 1 October 2017 - 30 September 2018).  Perfect for Tax Day leafletting, as a focus for forums and panels and workshops and more!

Because the Trump administration did not release its full budget proposal for fiscal year 2018 in time for production of this flyer, and Congress has not yet finalized the FY2017 budget, the figures here are based on the 2017 proposed budget altered to incorporate budget-related announcements, including at least $54 billion more for the Pentagon, increase in Homeland Security, and reductions for other slices of the pie.

Each year War Resisters League analyzes federal funds outlays as presented in detailed tables in "Analytical Perspectives" of the Budget of the United States Government. Our analysis is based on federal funds, which do not include trust funds - such as Social Security - that are raised separately from income taxes for specific purposes. What federal income taxes you pay (or donít pay) by April 18, 2017, goes to the federal funds portion of the budget.

Check back on our main Federal Pie Chart page for our complete 2018 budget analysis after it is released in April or May. On that page you will also find more details on our methodology and the assumptions behind it.

The Permanent War Economy

When it comes to military spending, it really doesnít matter who's in office. The President and Congress are always willing to give the Pentagon more money. All those campaign contributions from military contractors pay off. Just keep the American public in fear - a terrorist around every corner - and convinced that the U.S. must police the world. Then taxpayers will turn over billions of hard-earned tax dollars to an agency that has not passed an audit in 20 years - for wars that breed more wars, weapons systems that even the Pentagon don't want, drones that kill hundreds of innocent children, and bases and troops in countries they've never heard of. While Lockheed Martin cheers, cuts to programs that will help save the environment, rebuild infrastructure, negotiate peaceful settlements, and take care of people will be felt around the world. It's your money. Is this how you want it spent?


Leaflet with this flyer year-round and on Tax Day, April 18, 2017, and throughout the Global Days of Action on Military Spending, April 18-28.

Get involved in WRL’s organizing and education work: No SWAT zone: campaign to end police militarization, nonviolent direct action training, internationalism, counter military recruitment, airwars and more.  Check out WRL’s new membership handbook. Find resources to challenge militarism, curb police power, strengthen nonviolent action and lift up community resilience!

Write elected officials and local media. Send them copies of this flyer. Demand an investment in peace, not war.

Protest with your money! Sign up at wartax boycott.org. Refuse to pay all or part of your federal income tax. Whatever you choose to refuse—$1, $10, or a percentage—send a letter to elected officials and tell them why. Though illegal, thousands of people openly participate in this form of protest. Contact us for information or referral to a counselor near you. Contribute resisted tax money to organizations that support the common good.

For more about refusing to pay for war, contact the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, PO Box 150553, Brooklyn, NY 11215, (800) 269-7464, nwtrcc.org. Support the Peace Tax Fund bill: peacetaxfund.org.

Order NWTRCC's fill, Death and Taxes from WRL's online store.

Read and use War Tax Resistance: A Guide to Withholding Your Support from the Military, a 144-page handbook with history, methods and resources. Available, with a new 2017 update insert, for $5 from WRL's onlines store.

You can also download the flyers and print them locally. 
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FY2018 (Released Feb 2017) Pie Chart Flyer
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