Afghanistan Escalation 2009

As the war in Afghanistan has entered into its ninth year and as President Obama has issued orders for a swift deployment over the next six months of 30,000 additional US troops, WRL calls on its members and supporters in a moment of national urgency.

By promising a timetable for troop withdrawl alongside an escalation of war in Afghanistan, Obama has made no decisons to end war and it is clear that timetables are not enough. Join WRL in sending a strong message to the Obama administration that war is not peace!

Act Now to Oppose Obama's Escalation in Afghanistan!


Help President Obama Make the Right Decision about Afghanistan!

More than eight years since the War Resisters League rallied against invading Afghanistan and one month after a coalition of anti-war groups including WRL rallied in Washington DC to say “No to War in Afghanistan, No to Torture and Vengeance,” we are reaching out to you—our members—at a moment of national urgency. Any day now, we expect that President Obama will decide to escalate the war in Afghanistan, sending more troops to fight a battle that is costing us the lives of hundreds of American military personnel and tens of thousands of Afghan civilians, while domestic programs to benefit the poor and marginalized in the United States are defunded and deprioritized.

Beyond Afghanistan: Choosing Nonviolence

As we approach the April 4 anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s great 1967 “Beyond Vietnam” speech in New York City’s Riverside Church, the War Resisters League reiterates King’s urgent cry for nonviolence—and nonviolent resistance. The parallels between the war in Afghanistan and the U.S. war against Vietnam fill us with foreboding. While we adamantly oppose continued U.S.


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