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Left on Purpose: A Movie on Life & Death, Movements and Mayer

Somber tonight, coming home from the truly unusual and important new film Left on Purpose, directed by Justin Schein, which premiered at NYC DOC – the world’s largest festival of documentary cinema. The movie chronicles the life of an acquaintance, Mayer Vishner, whose behind-the-scenes work in the US peace movement was essential to groups such as the Resistance and the Yippies.

Remembering Vera B Williams, 1927 - 2015

WRL mourns the passing of Vera B. Williams (1927-2015), award-winning writer, illustrator, and activist, Vera was a longtime member of WRL, serving on the board and creating illustrations for our Peace Calendars and many other materials. 

Vera, we celebrate your life and remember you always as a comrade in peace.

We'll post a fuller tribute by WRL members soon.  In the meantime, we share these remembrances of Vera in the New York Times and on the blog Feministing.

Historic Protest Settlement from 2004 RNC: WRL Speaks

Ruth Benn of the WRL NYC Local

January 16th's historic settlement awarded to protesters at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City was the largest in U.S. history - and many a WRL'er was in the mix! At the press conference, Ed Hedemann of the WRL - NYC local said: "The government can place FBI agents behind every mailbox and cops behind every potted plant but we will not be intimidated by their efforts to crush dissent and muzzle opposition to its policies."

Howard Clark

Howard Clark

Please join War Resisters League in honoring Howard Clark, who passed away unexpectedly at home last weekend.

War Resisters International was founded in 1921 to promote nonviolent action against the causes of war and to support and connect people around the world who refuse to take part in war or the preparation of war.

In addition to campaigning against militarism in Britain, Ireland, Spain, and the Balkans, Howard Clark wrote on active nonviolence and ran training on nonviolent resistance with people in South Africa and Kosovo.



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