WRL Organizational Statement: Spring 2022

Dear WRL Community,

We hope this message finds you at peace despite seemingly endless moments of challenge, hardship and the ongoing horrors of war and militarism. We wanted to take this opportunity to reconnect with you all – our members, allies, comrades, and friends to provide an important update on behalf of the organization.

In Fall 2021, War Resisters League’s National Committee decided to officially enter an intentional period of realignment focusing on our organizational culture as we attempt to grieve, recover, and transform into an organization that remains steadfast in our commitment to anti-militarism and revolutionary nonviolence. We realized that WRL needed to undertake the deep work of more fully examining how race, power, and white supremacy manifest within our organization.

WRL has since committed to a strategic planning process and has signed an initial contract with consultants from biwa|Emergent Equity to help guide a new phase of introspection on the road to transformation.

In light of this and the changes the pandemic has brought to our New York City national office over the past two years, we have decided to put program work and staff hiring on hold for now as we re-purpose our vision and organizational structure. Despite reduced staff and volunteers, we will continue to keep our website up-to-date with resources and statements from allies, and maintain organizational administrative operations along with occasional mailings and posts on our social media pages. We recently produced "Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes".

We remain steadily committed to our mission, our members, and our sustainers and donors. As we approach WRL's 100th Anniversary in 2023, we plan to emerge from this process a healthier, stronger, more responsive and humane organization; aligned in our vision and commitment to anti-war and antimilitarist principles that center those most impacted by war, working and organizing for justice that confronts oppression and the root cases of war.  

Thank you all for your steadfast support and trust as we embark on this much needed time of reflection, implementation and action. We plan to continue to keep you updated as this process develops and unfolds. Look to hear from us in the coming months. 


WRL National Committee