Winter 2008 Issue

Winter 2008 cover



     Letter from WIN

     WIN News

     Grace Paley: An Appreciation
          By Judith Mahoney pasternak

     Negating Nonviolence
      A review essay by Matt Meyer

     In the Valley of Elah
          By Jose Vasquez

          By Mikael Awake

          By Ron Jacobs

     Poems from Guantanamo
          By Gloria Williams

     The Terror Dream
          By Kate Griffiths

          By Ali Mir

     The Camden 28
          By Vera Kelsey-Watts

     We’ll Never Turn Back
          By Tej Nagaraja

     Guernica and Total War
          By Mary Nolan

          By Brian Pickett

     WRL Peace Awardees Challenge Torture

     Last Will and Testament
          By Ariel Dorfman

     Affiliate Report: Lancaster SDS

     Field Report

     WRL News



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