The War Resisters League has been resisting war at home and war abroad since 1923. Today, as one of the leading radical voices in the antiwar movement, we challenge military recruitment and war profiteering, organize nonviolent direct action, and offer on-the-ground tools to end the current war and all wars. Learn more »

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Pre-Order! "Against All Odds: Voices of Popular Struggle in Iraq"

Against All Odds: Voices of Popular Struggle in Iraq
Co-published by WRL and Tadween Publishing, we are proud to announce "Against All Odds: Voices of Popular Struggle in Iraq" which is now available for pre-order here. For over four years, our Field Organizer Ali Issa has been interviewing Iraqi activists and compiling reports from actions: all culminating in this rare collection of cross-movement voices.

Featuring dozens of interviews with and reports from Iraqi feminists, labor organizers, environmentalists, and protest movement leaders,Against All Odds presents unique voices of progressive Iraqi organizing on the ground.

WRL 2014 Annual Report

We've been busy! To learn more about about our work in the last year, download WRL's 2014 Annual Report, Seeds of Peace and Liberation.
WRL 2014 Annual Report

Still Haven't Bought Your 2015 calendars? Get a WRL Calendar!

WRL Perpetual Calendar War Resisters League's Online Store offers a variety of calendars, celebrating peace and social justice histories, among other resources for educators, students, and activists.

WRL 1998 Peace CalendarChoose from our Perpetual Calendar, featuring 90 Years of activist history, our vintage 1998 Peace Calendar, which matches the days and dates for 2015, or wall calendars and datebooks from our friends at Syracuse Cultural Workers and Justseeds Artists' Cooperative and Eberhardt Press 2015 Organizer

We Pushed Urban Shield Out of Oakland, But the Struggle Continues!

Stop Urban ShieldOn Friday, September 5th, hundreds of of protesters gathered in front of the Marriott in Downtown Oakland, CA, to stand against Urban Shield and declare two major victories: Urban Shield will no longer be held at the Marriott and it will no longer take place anywhere in Oakland. Reclaiming the streets in celebration of our power, we made it loud and clear that we do not welcome militarization and policing of our communities.

Check out our Facing Tear Gas website for more info.


Militarism is guns, armored tanks and drones, but it’s also a state of mind. Militarized mentalities have permeated U.S police departments and amplified dramatically the force of police violence against our communities. It has also begun to infuse emergency preparedness. Now Fire-fighters and EMT are training right along with heavily armed SWAT teams, all funded by the Department of Homeland Security (the original DHS). Join us in challenging these harmful forces, striking at the $500 million (plus) grant program—UASI—that strengthens and unifies state repression. Support imagining a world where we get to decide how to take care of one another. Lift up community wellness, resilience, and safety. Together we can Demilitarize Health & Security!
Welcome to Police Militarization Bingo! On one side you'll find ideologies and politics that support systems of police militarization. On the other side you'll find counter-points. The numbered box on one side connects to the corresponding box on the other!
Each year on December 1st War Resisters' International and its member mark Prisoners for Peace Day, when WRI and its affiliates (including WRL) publicise the names and stories of those imprisoned for actions for peace. Many are conscientious objectors, in jail for refusing to join the military.
For over 100 days, Black community members in Ferguson, Missouri, have led a movement for justice--coming out every single night in response to the murder of Michael Brown. Today, 400 National Guard troop members stand ready—under the “state of emergency” banner— as a militarized force ready to repress and intimidate a nonviolent resistance movement.[ . . .] The people of Ferguson have given the United States a model for how community should respond to state sanctioned murder: by naming police violence and state repression as our real state of emergency.
"No violence, just justice." - Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown. War Resisters League condemns the ongoing militarized lockdown and attack against the community of Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. We are saddened and outraged over the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Ferguson Police, this past Saturday, August 9th. We stand in solidarity with the work of community members to connect, resist police violence, and transform their grief into power.