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26th Annual Raffle for Resistance


2014 WRL Raffle for Resistance

 The December 13th deadline is fast approaching! WRL's Raffle for Resistance is an easy way to get a start on holiday giving, while supporting grassroots organizing against war and militarism.

Every year, members and friends carefully search within their communities and across the globe - some even within their personal collections - to find that special prize to contribute. This year's Raffle for Resistance offers a selection ranging from a 3-day getaway in the Sierras to a beautiful hand-woven traditional Tais from East Timor, and over a dozen other prizes between and beyond.

$3 per ticket; $25 for a full sheet of 12 tickets


Boycott War Toys button WAR IS NOT A GAME.  Playing with war toys and violent videos numbs people to the terrible truth: War means death and suffering, not fun and games.  Playing violent video games has been directly linked to increased aggressive behavior.   The Army spent $8 million developing a realistic video game that can be downloaded for free -- making war entertaining so youth will want to join up and fight.  It is a tool for indoctrinating and recruiting young people. See our list of resources for working to stop war toys.

Have you bought your 2015 calendar yet?

WRL Perpetual CalendarTemperatures are beginning to cool, people are unpacking their sweaters, and shopping season for 2015 calendars is now in full swing!

War Resisters League's WRL 1998 Peace CalendarOnline Store offers a variety of calendars, celebrating peace and social justice histories, among other resources for educators, students, and activists.

On U.S. Escalation Against Iraq and Syria

Military Intervention is Not the Solution!
Ahlam: Kites and Shattered Dreams
In recent months IS has spread a wave of oppression and violence that goes well beyond the headline-catching executions and massacres to affecting millions of Iraqis and Syrians through fear, exploitation and gender-based violence. Now 12 years into the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, we witness how militarism expands violence and destroys hope rather than creating lasting solutions to ongoing crisis.


We Pushed Urban Shield Out of Oakland, But the Struggle Continues!

Stop Urban ShieldOn Friday, September 5th, hundreds of of protesters gathered in front of the Marriott in Downtown Oakland, CA, to stand against Urban Shield and declare two major victories: Urban Shield will no longer be held at the Marriott and it will no longer take place anywhere in Oakland. Reclaiming the streets in celebration of our power, we made it loud and clear that we do not welcome militarization and policing of our communities.

Check out our Facing Tear Gas website for more info.


For over 100 days, Black community members in Ferguson, Missouri, have led a movement for justice--coming out every single night in response to the murder of Michael Brown. Today, 400 National Guard troop members stand ready—under the “state of emergency” banner— as a militarized force ready to repress and intimidate a nonviolent resistance movement.[ . . .] The people of Ferguson have given the United States a model for how community should respond to state sanctioned murder: by naming police violence and state repression as our real state of emergency.
"No violence, just justice." - Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown. War Resisters League condemns the ongoing militarized lockdown and attack against the community of Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. We are saddened and outraged over the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Ferguson Police, this past Saturday, August 9th. We stand in solidarity with the work of community members to connect, resist police violence, and transform their grief into power.
To limit our action to the terms and timelines dictated by war-makers is a trap. To be part of the solution we must deepen our solidarity with people whose work leads us beyond the cynical terms of what we are told is possible, instead we must heed the urgency behind their insistence in realizing the world we need.
WRL's Facing Tear Gas campaign condemns in the strongest terms the Albuquerque Police Department's heavily militarized response to protests against police brutality this past Sunday night, March 30th.
Eleven years ago today, the United States military invaded Iraq. On March 26, 2014, Iraqi human rights advocates and labor leaders will join US military veterans in Washington D.C. to testify to the lasting impact of the war and to make the case that the US government must be held to account for the serious damage it has caused.