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Stop Urban Shield

Building on growing resistance to police militarization in the US, Bay Area community organizations and War Resisters League have come together to call for Oakland's non-participation in Urban Shield, community self-determination, and solidarity with global movements. Urban Shield is connected to national police militarization programs such as 1033, 1122, Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) and DHS Fusion Centers. Stopping Urban Shield is one step to roll back police militarization.

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Check out our Facing Tear Gas website for more info.

WIN Magazine

WIN Summer 2014
WIN Magazine is back!

The new issue focuses on Whisteblowers - what they’ve exposed, and their relationship to democracy and social justice. Articles explore the tactic of whistleblowing on its own terms, from the ethics of exposure in Charles Shafaieh’s opening contribution to Sam Husseini’s look at the leak that nearly averted the 2003 Iraq invasion and Palina Prasasouk’s profile of Matt Diaz and his revelations about Guantanamo. David Wilson looks into the Mexican bribery scandal that shook Walmart, while Calvin Moen examines of our relationship with Chelsea Manning.

This issue of WIN is an exploration of whistleblowing that goes well beyond the content of particular revelations.

The Time to Stand with Gaza is Now

On July 8th, Israel unleashed a brutal and sustained military offensive on the people of Gaza, who have already been confined to an open-air prison by the decade-old Israeli blockade and sealing of Gaza's borders. Bombardment from air, land and sea is killing hundreds, displacing tens of thousands more and targeting hospitals as well as other infrastructure crucial for survival. The reports on the atrocities are horrifying and the resistance and resilience of the Palestinian people continues to provide global inspiration.

A Letter on the Current Iraq Crisis from the Right to Heal Initiative

Ahlam: Kites and Shattered Dreams by Maysaloun Faraj

June 19, 2014

U.S. Department of State
Attention: Secretary John Kerry
2201 C Street NW
Washington DC 20520

Dear Secretary Kerry:

The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 incited a previously unimaginable deepening of sectarian divisions among the people of Iraq following the overthrow of the repressive Ba’athist regime of Saddam Hussein. The US government and its occupation forces set in place the most serious sectarian and ethnic tensions in Iraq’s modern history and have yet to address the humanitarian catastrophe set in motion by the war. On the 10-year commemoration of the US invasion in March 2013, the Right to Heal initiative brought together Iraqi social justice organizers and unionists with US military veterans opposed to the war and our group of politically-aligned organizations to call for reparations for the people of Iraq for the disastrous legacy US forces left behind.

Boston STOMP Report Back and Press Roundup

"We can't be afraid, we cannot let the police scare us into not doing anything to help our communities." -Kazi Toure, National Jericho Movement, Boston Resident

Last weekend, police and SWAT teams from across Massachusetts arrived in Boston to train in military tactics in the name of "public Roxbury resident Carla Sheffield at STOMP speak out safety." On that Sunday, STOMP (Stop Oppressive Militarized Police), a coalition of Boston-area community organizations along with the Facing Tear Gas campaign organized a speak out against police militarization on Sunday in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, a poor people of color neighborhood hit hard by violence.


"No violence, just justice." - Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown. War Resisters League condemns the ongoing militarized lockdown and attack against the community of Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. We are saddened and outraged over the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Ferguson Police, this past Saturday, August 9th. We stand in solidarity with the work of community members to connect, resist police violence, and transform their grief into power.
To limit our action to the terms and timelines dictated by war-makers is a trap. To be part of the solution we must deepen our solidarity with people whose work leads us beyond the cynical terms of what we are told is possible, instead we must heed the urgency behind their insistence in realizing the world we need.
WRL's Facing Tear Gas campaign condemns in the strongest terms the Albuquerque Police Department's heavily militarized response to protests against police brutality this past Sunday night, March 30th.
Eleven years ago today, the United States military invaded Iraq. On March 26, 2014, Iraqi human rights advocates and labor leaders will join US military veterans in Washington D.C. to testify to the lasting impact of the war and to make the case that the US government must be held to account for the serious damage it has caused. 

Join Under the Hood Cafe and Outreach Center (Killeen, TX), Coffee Strong (Lakewood, WA), and The Clearing Barrel (Kaiserslautern, Germany) for the first-ever GI Coffeehouse West Coast Tour! With stops in more than a dozen cities, coffeehouse organizers will meet with local activists and supporters, sharing information and stories from the coffeehouses, which over the years have been on the frontlines of support for service members and military families near Fort Hood, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and the central US base in Europe.