100 for 100: Sustain Antimilitarist Futures!


Sustain our antimilitarist visions for the long-haul by giving monthly.

With a century of resistance history, we're building an antiwar movement that seeks to dismantle war + militarism at its roots. By supporting War Resisters League, you're choosing to redistribute your resources to:

Sustain nonviolent resistance: For 100 years, War Resisters League has resisted war and militarism from the foundation of radical nonviolence, knowing that the world we need won’t be made through the same violence oppressors use against our communities

Sustain antiwar + antimilitarist education: From our traditional counter-recruitment materials to our newest So You Wanna be a Cop? Brochure and workshop, WRL works with networks across the world to create and distribute antimilitarist education resources to counter the military and police’s preying on our youth.

Sustain organizing led by frontline + diaspora communities: WRL strives to organize with frontline communities and those most impacted by war and violence, from organizing diaspora-led “politicized service” work with refugees in Athens, to building an internationalist network of activists, artists, educators, and organizers that’ll lead us into the future.

Sustain true leadership development: For too long the antiwar movement has been led by those who have refused to fight in wars, but not by those actually impacted by them. WRL’s internship programs specifically grant leaders who would otherwise be institutionally pushed out to harness their true organizing power.



Learn more about our work this past year by checking out WRL's 2017 Annual Report!