The War Resisters League affirms that all war is a crime against humanity.  We are determined not to support any kind of war, international or civil, and to strive nonviolently for the removal of all causes of war, including racism, sexism and all forms of exploitation.

The New Antimilitarism: Our AMC Reportback

It's been a few weeks since you helped us get folks out to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference to attend our workshop Liberate the Skies: The New Antimilitarism - thanks for helping us get folks there! The first of its kind at the AMC, the workshop was an intentional space for us to speak candidly with one another across movements, reviewing examples of disapora and homeland-led antiwar organizing, and illuminating the ways militarism shows up in all of our struggles.

Resisting Occupation: A Teach-In on Kashmir

War Resisters League is proud to announce and report back from the first of WRL's Zone’s of Forgotten Conflict teach-in series. We were honored to partner with the South Asia Solidarity Initiative, to hold up resistance to India’s occupation of Kashmir and to have Kashmiri scholar activists Hafsa Kanjwal and Mohamad Junaid as guest speakers, as well as Amin Hussain of Decolonize This Place.

WRL Endorses the Poor People's Campaign's 40 Days of Moral Action

War Resisters League officially endorses the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival's 40 Days of Moral Action, a six-week season of nonviolent direct action across 39 states in the United States, demanding new programs to lift up the 140 million Americans living in poverty, immediate attention to ecological devastation, measures to curb militarism and the war economy, and a call for racial justice.

Help us find 2 New Organizers!

Ali and Tara here. We wanted to let you know about a season of change for War Resisters League, as we’ve transitioned out of our staff roles as National Organizers and into non-staff WRL members like you! We’re writing today to ask for your support as we search for a new Organizing Team to carry on the work we’ve built at WRL. Building on the legacies of former WRL organizers, our main project while on staff was to create strategic, intersectional wins for the antiwar movement by building WRL’s base and centering those most impacted by war and militarism.