The War Resisters League affirms that all war is a crime against humanity.  We are determined not to support any kind of war, international or civil, and to strive nonviolently for the removal of all causes of war, including racism, sexism and all forms of exploitation.

How We Win - Summer Update

With protests in Puerto Rico, growing calls to dismantle the Department of Homeland Security, and organizing around the country to #ClosetheCamps, resistance is alive. As we celebrate the recent win of our friends at Decolonize This Place, we're reminded that organizing takes time. Over 6 years ago WRL launched our Facing Teargas campaign targeting Safariland; today that work helped to ground the victory won by Decolonize This Place and others. That's why we continue to create spaces that bring activists together across movements, oppose war profiteers from New York to Phoenix, and set our sights on liberation.

Intern with us! Apps due August 7

Want to hone or share your organizing skills? Believe in the power of diaspora communities to organize against US militarism and dismantle all borders? Want to work with one of the oldest and most exciting anti-war and anti-militarism organizations? We are currently taking applications for our Bilezikian Internship Program, which runs for 13 weeks starting Monday, July 29. Application deadline: Wednesday, August 7th.

The Ban and the Bomb: Trans Anti-Militarism in 2019

An image of a raven with colorful wings breaking a military drone. Text reads: "Trans Liberation not more US Invasion, No Pride in War"

Come join War Resisters League and People’s Forum for a teach-in and community discussion on the Trans Ban. We’re hoping that this will be a place to deepen the shallow and often binary conversation around the Trans Ban since 45 took office. QTPOC globally have been calling out the impact that US invasion and bombing in the Global South has on their communities. However, they have been systematically excluded from this conversation about trans inclusion into violent institutions. As anti-militarist organizations and queer and trans organizers, we cannot lose sight of who the military primarily harms.

Stop Urban Shield Coalition Victory: WRL Statement

Congratulations to the Stop Urban Shield Coalition on the recent victory of demilitarizing emergency preparedness in California’s Bay Area! In other words: ending Urban Shield. Since 2013, this cross-community coalition has organized tirelessly against Urban Shield — a SWAT team training and weapons expo, that brought together local, regional, and international police to collaborate on, and practice, new forms of military-grade weaponry and tactics of state repression. Urban Shield was often described as “the largest SWAT training in the world.” As proud members of the Stop Urban Shield Coalition, War Resisters League sends our love and respect to Bay Area organizations that strategized, organized and built the community power leading to this huge win.

Demilitarist School: Report Back from Chicago

This past April, WRL piloted our first Demilitarist School in Chicago! Over three days, 13 young people and a group of Demil School facilitators, including WRL staff and National Committee members, gathered to grapple with the scale of US militarism. Participants delved into discussions about strategies for dismantling militarism and the ways antimilitarist work feeds into struggles for Black liberation, immigrant rights, prison abolition, workers rights, queer liberation, and climate justice. Special thanks to Assata’s Daughters who generously provided space for the Demil School!