GI Rights & Resistance

Since our founding in 1923, the War Resisters League has been committed to supporting conscientious objectors, GI resisters, and military families.

Currently, our work on this issue is done primarily through the GI Rights Hotline and through collaborative and coalition work with veteran's organizations to support the growing movement in CO's and resisters to the current wars.

If you are a US military servicemember or veteran in need of support, call the The GI Rights Hotline at 1-877-447-4487. The GI Rights Hotline, a network of nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations, provides free, confidential, and accurate information on US military regulations and practices to servicemembers, veterans, potential recruits, and their families.

WRL works with a number of GI Rights and Resistance organizations, including Iraq Veterans Against the War, Courage to Resist, Quaker House, Veterans For Peace, United for Peace & Justice, Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Civilian-Soldier Alliance.

Our work has included developing a number of organizing resources, including:

What Every Girl Should KnowWhat Every Girl Needs To Know About the U.S. Military
Written for girls, queer and trans youth, youth of color and poor youth, this newly redesigned full-color brochure is focused on sexual & gender-based violence: perfect for distributing at schools & community centers.

This 2015 edition is a major update from the original published in 2007 by WRL, the Service Women's Action Network, and the Women of Color Resource Center, continuing to speak to the realities of life in the military, and to demystify the lies told by military recruiters. Order or download from our online store.

Civilian Ally Civilian Ally: A Guide to Organizing with Veterans and Servicemembers to Build a GI Resistance Movement is a manual for peace activists who are organizing alongside veterans, servicemembers and conscientious objectors to end war or organizers who want to build those working relationships. Written by veteran and civilian organizers, it offers an orientation to working with servicemembers and veterans within the context of the growing GI Resistance movement. Developed in collaboration with  Iraq Veterans Against the War and the Civilian-Soldier AllianceOrder from our online store.