Training Resources


For more info on techniques, exercises, history, check out:
Swarthmore Non Violent Direct Action website
Why Black Bloc tactics won’t build a successful movement by Kazu Haga
The Parameters of Nonviolent Action: WHAT MAKES AN ACTION NONVIOLENT by Daniel Berrigan
Activist Editorial: The Parameters of Nonviolent Action by WRL
Still Relevant: What Makes an Action Nonviolent? by Joanne Sheehan
Beautiful Trouble



Exercises, workshops and agendas that help us learn from the history of strategic nonviolent action, begin to practice nonviolent action and build strategic campaigns:

  1. 10/10 Strategies | To learn about the rich history of nonviolent campaigns, gain a better understanding of campaigns, tactics and movements: 30 mins minimum
  2. Letter from a Birmingham Jail | To explore different elements of a campaign strategy and help a group reflect on the power of nonviolent direct action: 20-30 minutes
  3. Parallel lines/Hassle Lines | Practice dealing with a hassle or conflict using nonviolence
  4. Tools for Grounding, Protecting, Blocking |
  5. Matrix Exercise Handout |
  6. Nonviolence Training | NVDA Preparation Agenda
  7. Do's + Don't's Handout



WRL produces, often in collaboration with other activist groups, a number of curricula for workshops, including:

Movement Building for Allies
A facilitators' manual for a workshop intended for white activists working in groups within the peace movement and other anti-militarist movements who want to deepen their understanding of how to do strategic organizing using an anti-oppression and cross-movement approach.

For more workshops on police militarization, military budgets, and more: click here!

Check out WRL Online Store for more resources, including handbooks and organizing guides.



Black Out
Lifted Voices
Beautiful Trouble
Training for Change