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The world events of October 2023 and the continued siege of Gaza have been a grim and painful reminder of the tragedy of war, and the continued threat that injustice and oppression pose to peace and well-being for all people. The human suffering defies our imagination, and a ceasefire is an urgent and absolutely necessary first step. 

Below please find tools and resources we think may be helpful in your organizing for a world without war. We do not presume to offer a comprehensive analysis or long-term proposals, nor do we believe this resource list to be exhaustive. 

As we have learned over 100 years of activism, the work of peace-building and resistance to oppression and violence is constantly unfolding. But the conviction that war is a crime against humanity has never been more relevant. 

Gaza Ceasefire - NOW! (tools and resources)



Ceasefire Now! by Claire Rabkin (courtesy Justseeds)

Nonviolent Direct Action 

   - WRL's online resources - 

Planning Nonviolent Campaigns - Exercises + handouts
Organizing Effective Actions - Steps to organize nonviolent direct actions
Trainings for Nonviolent Action - Agendas, Trainers + Trainings


Safety Prep for Protests - Be prepared before, during, after a protest. Posts curated or created by the Nonviolent Peaceforce.


    Gaza Will Live, by Monica Trinidad (courtesy of Justseeds)Know Your Rights

    Legal Resources for Activists Advocating for Palestine Across the U.S. - Palestine Legal

    If An Agent Knocks -  Center for Constitutional Rights  (see also National Lawyers Guild's Federal Defense Hotline)

    Know Your Rights: A Guide for Protesters - National Lawyers Guild 



    "They got money for war but can't feed the poor" -Tupac Shakur (image by David Solnit/courtesy Justseeds) War Tax Resistance

    Interest in war tax resistance is high, as people search for ways to withdraw financial support for the massacre happening in Gaza. Not including new funding, the US provides Israel over $3 billion every year, with almost the entire amount being used to support the Israeli military. Since World War II, the US had dedicated more foreign aid to Israel than any other country.
    WRL's Pie Chart: Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes
    WRL's annual Pie Chart Flyer: Where Your Income Tax Really Goes can be a useful organizing tool and visual presentation.
    To respond to the upswell in interest, the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC) has organized a series of workshops. Watch War Tax Resistance 101 on YouTube. Additional information is on their website You can also follow them at:



    Events + Demonstrations

    There are currently encampments on at least 50 campuses around the country. Find ways to support them, with vigils, supplies, etc.

    Whether you can travel or want to plug in somehow - FInd a Protest You Can Join: 


    News + Analysis


    Ongoing reports:

    "Gaza Lives", by Josh MacPhee. Downloaded from Justseeds' "Palestine will be free! Graphics Care-Package", a collection of artworks from dozens and dozens of artists standing in solidarity with Palestine