Afghanistan Escalation 2009

Ed Hedemann and Carl Lindskoog of WRL's
NYC local dropping banners in Grand Central
Station on October 7, 2009. Hedemann was
arrested as was Eric Laursen for protesting
his arrest. Photograph by Tom Martinez.

As the war in Afghanistan has entered into its ninth year and as President Obama has issued orders for a swift deployment over the next six months of 30,000 additional US troops, WRL calls on its members and supporters in a moment of national urgency.

By promising a timetable for troop withdrawl alongside an escalation of war in Afghanistan, Obama has made no decisons to end war and it is clear that timetables are not enough. Join WRL in sending a strong message to the Obama administration that war is not peace!

Check out our action alert on the escalation in Afghanistan and a letter to President Obama authored by a coalition of groups and organizations against the war, including WRL. The action alert includes fact sheets and resources for local organizers.

Also, check out the WRL NYC Local Facebook page for info about upcoming actions!

NEW! A letter to the Nobel Committee on the day of President Obama's acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Act now to say NO to escalation in Afghanistan/End the war NOW!