AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems Inc. (ALS)

 AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems Inc. (ALS) (Formerly ALS Technologies Inc.) is based in Bull Shoals, Arkansas (to be moving to Taylor County, Florida in early 2013.) It is a subsidiary of National Presto Industries, which produces kitchen appliances and is especially known for its pressure cooker. Evidence of tear gas canisters it makes have been found in Puduraya, Malaysia. Their new Florida facility “will feature state of the art manufacturing operations, warehouse and distribution capabilities with close proximity to major transportation hubs, as well as a stand-alone training facility. The training center will focus on providing less-lethal and tactical training and will include live-fire ranges, force-on-force training, a hostage rescue building, a corrections pod, a breaching facade, and full classroom facilities.” The president of AMTEC is Rick Gardner. The president of Presto is Maryjo Cohen, and in 2012 she made over $570,000.


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