Bahrain Watch: "Stop the Shipment!"

Bahrain Watch: Leaked Document Shows Massive New Tear Gas Shipment Planned for Bahrain

Bahrain's police forces have fired "canisters directly at protesters and conducting nighttime bombardments of residential areas. Since 2011, 39 deaths may be attributable to the misuse of tear gas by police. Now, a leaked document, apparently a tender from the Ministry of Interior, shows that the Gov't is planning to purchase more than 1.6m new tear gas canisters. We understand that no shipment of these canisters has yet taken place, but it could happen at any time, given that the tender is dated June 2013. In response, a group of NGOs (Bahrain Watch, Campaign Against Arms Trade, Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain, and Bahrain Center for Human Rights) has launched a campaign to flood Bahrain's tear gas suppliers -- South Korea, South Africa, and Germany -- with e-mails, Tweets, faxes, and phone calls, to call on them to stop the shipment. The campaign targets both the manufacturers of tear gas, and export licensing authorities. Campaigners have already sent more than 21,000 e-mails, but more action is needed to build pressure and force a halt in tear gas exports to Bahrain. You can help save the lives of Bahrainis by taking action now, here: