Celebrate GI Resistance on Veteran's Day

Check out the video here

With fifty new troops being deployed to Syria, wars continuing all over and military bases firmly rooted in 662 locations worldwide, we, as antiwar activists we ask ourselves: “What is the human cost?”

Occupied people prevented from self-determination due to mass violence and 22 U.S. veteran suicides per day are the systematic and inevitable costs of militarism.

Today on Veteran’s Day, War Resisters League remembers that a holistic antiwar strategy means supporting the resistance of veterans and soldiers, who bravely defy their employers to dismantle the elaborate pillars that uphold the military industrial complex.

Facing the harsh realities of war and militarism, from occupied forces in communities here and abroad, we look to a vision of freedom from oppressive systems and reclaim today as a day to call an end to all war. That’s why we’re uplifting the work of veterans in soldiers who in single acts of defiance or organized resistance demand an end to injustice.

Today, support veterans and soldiers by uplifting their work to end war. That's why WRL works with a number of GI Rights and Resistance organizations, including Courage to ResistQuaker HouseVeterans For PeaceUnited for Peace & JusticeVietnam Veterans Against the WarCivilian-Soldier Alliance and Iraq Veterans Against the War--who are making the call to “Drop the MIC” (military-industrial complex)--an ongoing campaign to "interrupt the business-as-usual of the Military Industrial Complex and fight for our right to heal." 

Let’s build key movement infrastructure to shift our society’s consciousness to the reality that we can build world held up by pillars marked by justice, solidarity, and self-determination. Make war history.